Directly from gamescom 2016, Square Enix officially releases a tremendous amount of Final Fantasy 15 gameplay footage online from the beginning of the game.

A bunch of new footage for Final Fantasy 15 is now available on YouTube, courtesy of Square Enix. The company is likely hoping the video will keep anticipation for the game high since its surprising two month delay was announced recently.

Square Enix was not stingy with what they released either. An hour of footage is ripped straight from the beginning portions of the game. In fact, the video opens on Final Fantasy 15‘s main menu, where a new game is selected from the available options. By watching, viewers will get a very good sense of the how Final Fantasy 15 will play.

While the video jumps around a bit, skipping certain sections for time’s sake, there are plenty of story spoilers still sprinkled throughout, so those wanting to avoid an eyeful should skip it; particularly the first two minutes. Those wanting a completely fresh experience going in should probably skip the video, and the following paragraphs, altogether.

The footage begins in a similar way to the first demo: Episode Ducsae. The car is broken down, and Noctis and his roadtripping buddies need perky mechanic Cindy, with short shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush, to fix it. However, now that the game is close to finished it is a much more polished experience. The party engages more with characters, they obtain and finish a variety of quests not shown before, fights are fleshed out and there are introductions to many different game mechanics; one of the earliest examples is equipment management. The game’s first vendor is set up right outside, in the parking lot Cindy’s garage, and he has a selection of various weapons, including handguns and swords — which would obviously never fly in the real world.

Equipping characters changes their looks and it is interesting to see Noctis with a t-shirt and baseball cap. After a few costumes changes, many of the characters look nothing like their promotional art, but it is a refreshing change. No character is bound to a single costume, which is a bit more realistic if that’s important in a fantasy world for anyone. It is certainly different.

final fantasy 15 cindy gamescom square enix

Speaking of realistic, the quest given out by Cindy in the beginning is finished when she gives Noctis a ring on his cellphone to confirm. The ability to occasionally avoid having to backtrack just to turn in a quest would be a welcome change, and if this isn’t a reoccurring feature, it should be.

As mentioned above, the video is loaded with introductions to new mechanics. It includes the spell crafting system, camping system, ins and outs of fighting difficult beasts through bounties, weapon modification, and the basics of driving. All will be integral parts of the game. Other, less important, but still fun, mechanics demonstrated are the all important chocobo riding and chocobo racing, as well as fishing.

final fantasy 15 gamescom giant bird square enix

There is a particularly exciting scene that involves a quest where Noctis and gang must avoid waking a giant bird while gathering stones from a nearby mining vein. It is an example of the game’s ability to create riveting experiences from mundane quests.

The last two things worth mentioning is the introduction to tombs and companions. Noctis is able to gain power by visiting and exploring special tombs throughout the world, which is an important part of the story in addition to being helpful. The video walks viewers through two different tombs, each containing its own monsters and goodies to discover.

final fantasy 15 gamescom tomb power square enix

As for companions, Noctis and friends run into a man named Cor who temporarily joins the party. In fact, Cor is who explains the purpose of the tombs to Noctis and his destiny to find them. After Cor joins, his name and health are added to a box next to the rest of the party. The best part is that Cor will now participate in fights, as long as he is in the party, which he isn’t for long. But he does join again later for a pretty cool boss fight. Cor appears to be precursor to addition companions Noctis and crew will encounter, which is heavily implied at the end of the video as another character offers to join their party.

The new Final Fantasy 15 footage packs a ton into an hour long video, and what is shown off is incredibly encouraging — especially considering the game’s delay. Anyone not too worried about minor spoilers should give the footage a once over, if for nothing else than reassurance that the game has a lot of potential. Even the DLC is looking good, adding some new ways to play the game. Final Fantasy 15 won a spot in our best RPGS of E3 2016 list, but we will all know for sure if it deserved that commendation and if this wait is worth it come November.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Square Enix – YouTube