Final Fantasy 15 Releases Brand New Gameplay Footage at PAX West


During its PAX West panel, Square Enix debuts a brand new 50-minute gameplay video of its upcoming RPG Final Fantasy 15, showcasing a side mission and a Chocobo racing mini-game.

While fans were undoubtedly disappointed with Final Fantasy 15's latest release date delay from September to November, development on the long-gestating RPG is going quite well based on Square Enix's recent showing at the PAX West 2016. During its panel at the event, the developer debuted a brand new 50-minute gameplay video of Final Fantasy 15, which showcased new side-quests, some updated gameplay mechanics, as well as some the latest version of the series' trademark Chocobo mini-game.

The footage begins near the beginning of the game with Noctis and his entourage driving around in the Regalia, and according to director Hajime Tabata, the driving mechanics of the car have been improved in the latest build and players have greater control over the driving. The demo then moves onto a side-quest - one of over 200 - in which the characters enter into a mine shaft, where they engage in combat against some monsters such as Goblins. Not only are Final Fantasy 15's combat mechanics and stunning visuals showcased, but it is revealed that Goblins have been updated so that they are more lethal and can now steal potions from players.

Check out the footage here, starting at the 21:20 mark:


Moving on from the mine shaft side-mission, the demo then shifts to some new footage showcasing Final Fantasy 15's Chocobo racing mini-game, which allows players the option to race against the other characters in Noctis' entourage or indulge in some classic Chocobo hoop jumping. But perhaps most interestingly, the last 15-20 minutes of the demo featured some brand-new gameplay footage in which Noctis and co. infiltrate an enemy Niflheim base.

In contrast to the combat we've seen involving creatures and monsters, this new footage sees players fighting against mechanical enemies, to which the developers stressed that different tactics are required in order to defeat them, such as targeting specific body parts. Be aware that there were technical difficulties which interrupted the broadcast from the 57:00 mark to approximately the 1:03:00 mark, though Square Enix stressed that this was a broadcasting issue rather than an issue with the game.

And finally, the demo then culminates against a battle against Final Fantasy 15 antagonist Aranea Highwind, though the developers kept their cards close to their chest by ending the footage mid-battle.

This is the latest batch of new gameplay footage that Square Enix has released in recent weeks, no doubt in part to keep fan anticipation high for Final Fantasy 15 and to keep everyone updated on its progress. Based on what we've seen so far though, it appears that development for the game is coming along very nicely, and despite the latest delay, it is looking like it will indeed live up to the hype as one of 2016's most anticipated games.

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled for launch on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Square Enix (via GameSpot)

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