Square Enix shows off a new gameplay demo for Final Fantasy 15 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, pitting Noctis and his allies against a giant Titan.

Square Enix’s big reveal for Final Fantasy 15 took place on March 30 at a special event in Los Angeles, where the developer announced the game’s release date and a variety of related projects like the Kingsglaive movie. Given that big info dump, not much was expected on Final Fantasy 15 at this year’s E3, but Square Enix still found time to show off some new gameplay at Microsoft’s Xbox presentation on Monday.

Director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Matt Kishimoto took the stage to demo a battle called “The Trial of the Titan.”We are excited to show you the first ever demo of (Final Fantasy 15 on) Xbox One,” Tabata told the crowd.

The demo features main protagonist Noctis and the rest of the gang going up against a truly massive enemy. “Noctis and his allies are being tested by a gigantic titan,” Kishimoto said. “But while they are fighting the opposing army joins the fray, setting up a chaotic three-way battle. We’re excited to show how fast and fluid the battle system is in Final Fantasy 15, which has never been achieved in any of our previous titles.”

The battle was labeled as an “E3 special mission”, but it’s safe to assume that at least some version of the fight will be included in the final game. The mission begins with the player/Noctis receiving instructions to hold out against the Titan until his allies arrive. The boss fight had a Shadow of the Colossus feel, with Noctis beginning the fight by dodging the giant’s hands while searching for an opening. The fight takes a turn when the Imperial army Kishimoto mentioned shows up, giving Noctis and friends the opportunity to start a counterattack.

Gamers who played Final Fantasy 15‘s Platinum Demo a couple of months ago will recognize most of the combat options. Noctis repeatedly used a warp strike attack which allowed him to keep his distance from the Titan until the time was right to close the gap. All four heroes then unleashed a Blizzara attack to finish the battle.

More Final Fantasy 15 Details Coming Next Month - Noctis leaning on car

Tabata then reiterated that the game will be out on September 30. Overall, the presentation didn’t really reveal anything about the game players didn’t already know, but it’s not surprising to see that Square Enix made time today for the presentation. After all, this is a title that needs to sell 10 million copies to be successful from the developer’s point of view.

Players can expect additional videos and gameplay to leak out over the summer as Square Enix’s PR machine kicks in for the home stretch. Square’s most recent reveal prior to today was a video showing off the game’s chocobo riding and combat.

Final Fantasy 15 will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30. A future PC version is also under consideration.