Final Fantasy 15 Has Frame Rate Problems on PS4 Pro


Digital Foundry releases a new report comparing the frame rate performance for Final Fantasy 15 on both PlayStation 4 Pro visual settings and the standard PlayStation 4 version.

The latest game in the long running Final Fantasy series has finally arrived, inviting players to a world that has been in development for almost a decade. Thankfully the wait appears to have been well worth it, as Final Fantasy XV managed to release to positive critical reviews and satisfied gamers who got an early copy thanks to some broken street dates. Players with the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro console expected to be in for even more of a treat thanks to higher graphical quality and an improved framerate. Unfortunately, after a few tests, it appears that may not be the case.

The tech wizards at Digital Foundry have released a new report after putting both PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy XV through its paces. Using version 1.02 of the game, the team ran a number of framerate tests on the standard PS4 version, and both the high quality and lightweight modes available with the PS4 Pro settings. While High mode manages to up the resolution and visual quality, it suffers from a major frame pacing issue, causing the image on screen to not appear smooth, even if the frame is keeping up with the action on screen.


Shockingly, the PlayStation 4 version of the game actually performs better than the high mode that's available on the PS4 Pro. At the moment for PS4 Pro owners, the Lite graphics setting appears to be the best way to play the game. While this mode is only capable of rendering up to 1080p resolution, it doesn't appear to suffer from nearly as many frame rate-related issues when playing in High mode.

Performance of the game has been a big talking point for the community since Digital Foundry released its initial findings after running tests on the Final Fantasy XV demo earlier in November. Interestingly enough, the framerate in the demo did suffer from the same pacing issues, but overall it didn't appear to be quite as bad as it is now. The demo managed to run at a consistent 30 frames per second, with a slight bit of checkerboard rendering and low precision motion blur appearing every now and again.

Sadly, this isn't the first time reports have come out about PS4 Pro games running worse than their normal counterparts. Fans reported that games like The Last of Us and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition suffered from performance and framerate issues when played on the new PlayStation 4 Pro console. Other recently released titles like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided showed similar issues, with some scenes appearing worse and better when compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Thankfully, studios are aware of the problems and are working on addressing them in an upcoming patch.

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Final Fantasy XV is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Digital Foundry

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