Final Fantasy 15 File Size Revealed for PS4, Xbox One


The final file size for Final Fantasy 15 is revealed, and is not too surprising given the purported scope and scale of Square Enix's latest JPRG adventure.

With just a few days left until Final Fantasy 15 finally releases, gamers are putting the finishing touches on any preparations that may be left. Finding the best deal on the game and deciding if they want to purchase a collector’s edition are just two of the considerations to be made, but now a new one has been added to the list: storage space.

Although Square Enix has yet to announce anything official, the folks at DualShockers have uncovered the Final Fantasy 15 file size for both PS4 and Xbox One, and neither is what one would call “small.” On Sony’s platform Final Fantasy 15 will require upwards of 50 GB of space, and the same is true for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

What’s interesting to note about these file sizes is that they are much smaller than Square Enix had originally projected for the respective consoles. On the PlayStation store, for example, Sony has Final Fantasy 15’s file size listed at 40GB, which is 10 shy of the final total. Moreover, both of these file size numbers don’t take into account the day one patch for Final Fantasy 15, which Square is calling the “crown update.” That day one update will encompass a lot of important fixes for the game, many of which will improve the experience right out of the gate.


While not entirely unexpected given the scope and scale of the Final Fantasy series, we’re sure some gamers are surprised to see the game take up so much space. That’s especially true when you consider how large many of the other fall releases are, including Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Luckily, both Microsoft and Sony have introduced new consoles that come standard with larger hard drives. The Xbox One S can boast up to 2TB of space for tons of games to play, while the new PS4 Pro carries a 1TB stock hard drive. There are also plenty of ways to upgrade one’s console hard drive or to add external storage, if you know where to look.

The file size may give some gamers pause, but at the same time it means that Final Fantasy fans will presumably be getting their money’s worth. That isn’t to say the Final Fantasy series is known for being short, but after several years of waiting, many are hoping to be engrossed by Final Fantasy 15 for a long time. Thankfully, according to Square Enix, there are some battles in the game that can take up to 72 hours of real world time to complete.

Final Fantasy 15 releases November 29, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers

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