Final Fantasy 15 is Fastest Selling Game In The Series


Final Fantasy 15 sells over 5 million copies in its first five days, making it the fastest-selling Final Fantasy game to date, and one of the best selling ever.

After numerous delays and months of growing anticipation, Final Fantasy 15 launched this week to positive reviews among gamers and critics. Despite the wait, it seems many gamers are happy with the release so far, and have shown their devotion to the franchise and game with their wallets.

According to Daniel Ahmad, a game industry analyst at Niko Partners, Final Fantasy 15 sold over 5 million units worldwide in the game’s first five days. That’s enough to make Final Fantasy 15 the fastest-selling game in the series. That’s an impressive feat on its own, but considering how many games are in the Final Fantasy franchise, and the massive amounts of hype that lead up to each new release in the series, that’s a solid start for Square Enix’s new title.

Ahmad points out that Final Fantasy 13 sold 5.5 million copies by the end of March 2010, with total lifetime sales reaching nearly 7.5 million. That game was released worldwide on March 9, 2010, but was released in Japan in December 2009. At the time, Final Fantasy 13 sold 1.7 million copies in Japan in the first day.


So it was unsurprising to see Square Enix make a big push for Japanese sales with Final Fantasy 15. So far it looks like sales have met the developer’s expectations, both in Japan and worldwide.

That said, after Final Fantasy 13’s initial surge, sales dropped off quickly. It’s likely the same will happen with Final Fantasy 15, which means most of the game’s sales will likely come during the current holiday season. While sales will undoubtedly continue into 2017, history shows that Square Enix should expect a substantial drop off similar to Final Fantasy 13.

We’ll note that a drop in sales after an initial surge is common in the gaming industry. This is a big reason many developers and publishers push so hard for preorders, with most preorders coming with special bonuses for their respective titles.


Based on its first five days of sales, Final Fantasy 15 is currently in fifth place among the best selling Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 13 resides in the fourth position, just ahead of Final Fantasy 12, which sold approximately 5.6 million titles. The best selling Final Fantasy game is unsurprisingly Final Fantasy 7, which has sold just over 11 million units to date. Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 8 round out the top three, with approximately 10 million and 8 million sales respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how well Final Fantasy 15 does, and how high it reaches in the ranks of the best selling titles in the franchise, especially considering Final Fantasy 7 remaster is on the way.

What do you think about Final Fantasy 15’s sales so far?

Final Fantasy 15 is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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