Final Fantasy 15‘s second expansion, the Episode Prompto DLC, has been getting positive press attention for some time now. Early demos show that Square Enix continues to tweak and perfect the Final Fantasy 15 experience, and Episode Prompto adds third-person shooter gameplay on top of snowmobile action and the return of Aranea Highwind, a fan favorite who was criminally underused in the game’s main narrative. The DLC, due out today, is set to sate fans of the game until its next expansion, Episode Ignis, which isn’t for another six months.

Unfortunately, however, some players are being soft-locked out of the experience. Reports stemming from the Final Fantasy 15 subreddit appear to indicate a problem for PS4 users who already own the Final Fantasy 15 DLC season pass – Episode Prompto’s store page is still requesting that those users spend the requisite amount for a one-shot episode. While that total amounts to around $4.99 USD, many fans are displeased at the fact they may have to spend an extra bit of cash on something they’ve already purchased just to play it on release day.

So far, it appears that no fix is forthcoming, although multiple users have reported that they have brought the issue to both Sony and Square Enix’s attention. Users have also suggested that there is a chance PSN will refund players for the total they spend once the glitch is resolved, but that is not a guarantee, leaving many to simply wait out a fix on Sony’s end.

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It’s awkward timing for Square Enix, as the developer just rolled out Final Fantasy 15‘s Update 1.12, a patch that was supposed to get a large portion of the downloading for Episode Prompto done ahead of schedule so that the launch could be as smooth as possible. It seems as though the issue is probably out of Square Enix’s hands, however, as Xbox users have reported no such problems, making it more likely that this glitch is a PSN-specific issue.

Fans currently unwilling to risk some extra cash on content they’ve already purchased – and justifiably so – will simply have to hope the issue is resolved quickly. Luckily, Final Fantasy 15 has some big announcements coming to hopefully cheer up a section of the fan base that is currently feeling, much like Prompto in his DLC adventure, left out in the cold.

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit