Final Fantasy 15‘s Episode Prompto DLC is a succinct example of everything that the game has encompassed so far – a dizzying blend of several different game genres, executed to varying levels of proficiency. When Episode Prompto is good, it is very good, and when it is bad, it can be reminiscent of the infamous Chapter 13 from Final Fantasy 15‘s main narrative. Still, while a somewhat bungled launch of Episode Prompto for PSN users might have marred the hype surrounding the expansion a little, it remains a breath of fresh air for a game that has proven to have plenty of life left after its main story content has been completed.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Final Fantasy 15‘s latest expansion is the way it has, once again, altered the gameplay fans have come to expect from a Square Enix JRPG. Episode Prompto introduces third-person shooter gameplay to the world of Final Fantasy 15, largely to success, but the adjustment period can be a little jarring – Episode Prompto is roughly about two hours long, and it can take over half of that time just getting used to the new take on combat. That can lead to a few rough battles in the early going, even though fan favorite character Aranea Highwind makes an appearance to assist players over the course of the DLC.

The shift in combat style also makes for some very interesting boss fights, something that has been hard to come by for players since the release of several Final Fantasy 15 patches has seen the game receive a number of overpowered weapons and fighting styles. The final boss of Episode Prompto is a suitable challenge and a rewarding experience for those who expect a bit of difficulty in their JRPG combat, and it can even be frustrating for those who haven’t grasped the third-person shooter style fully by the time it rolls around – for that reason, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to tackle the final boss in Episode Prompto. Those who haven’t played the content yet and want to be surprised, this is fair warning – the following sections contain spoilers for Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto. Read at your own risk.

prompto snowmobile

Look the Part

Taking on the final boss in Episode Prompto is about much more than just fighting well – it’s about dressing Prompto fashionably, too. As it turns out, Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto features a few different attires players can find for Prompto over the course of his journey, and one of them is actually a very useful tool for the coming fight.

The attire players should be looking for is in the snowy area of the DLC right after Prompto first gets to ride the snowmobile. It’s located in a wooden shack to the east of the lake, and it is relatively hard to miss as long as players head in the right direction. From there, head into the second room and examine the large green crate, where Prompto will find the Tundra Jacket (Mask On). It’s essentially the same attire Prompto starts with, only with a snazzy black face mask that makes the character look a little bit more like a participant at the X Games. More importantly, however, it also provides extra resistance to ice damage and increases Prompto’s critical chance for each bullet fired – and trust us, players will be emptying their clips into the final boss.

Immortalis, the Bullet Sponge

The first part of the fight is relatively hard to mess up. All it really involves is emptying Prompto’s bullets into Immortalis’ head – the large, red, glowing orifice that closely resembles the massive snake-like enemies from Mass Effect: Andromeda. Simply hold down the trigger button and aim for the metal worm’s dome, and eventually the game will trigger a cutscene with Aranea on the snowmobile to proceed to the next stage of the fight. Keep in mind, too, that Prompto possesses infinite bullets, so don’t be afraid to just hold down the firing button even while adjusting aim as the boss moves in and out of the mountain range.

Immortalis, the Sneaky

The second and third phase of the fight are pretty similar in the sense that Prompto will now have to aim for the glowing segments on the body of Immortalis rather than directly at its head. During the second phase, the glowing segments will fire projectiles at Prompto if they aren’t shot at within a certain period of time, so be sure to apply bullets liberally to each section of the boss whenever they are glowing to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Of course, that becomes a lot more difficult during the third phase, which is by far the most difficult part of the fight. The same strategy continues to apply, but Immortalis’ movement becomes a little more erratic and some of the glowing segments on its body become hidden by its head as it angles itself toward Prompto. Failing to keep on top of these segments can result in a quick game over, which is why we recommend simply holding down the trigger button for the entirety of the fight – there are a few exceptionally tight windows of time where hitting the glowing segments is only a brief option, and it can be the difference between a successful fight and a frustrating restart.

prompto immortalis fight

Rotten to the Core

The final phase of the fight sees Immortalis expose its Magitek Core, the engine that keeps it running. Luckily, this part of the fight becomes a lot easier, as all that’s required of players is to simply unload more bullets into the very obvious target of the glowing, exposed Core. Having the critical increase on Prompto’s attire comes into handy here, as it should help shorten the length of this phase significantly. With the core destroyed and Immortalis suitably mangled, all that’s left is to enjoy the ending – and the post-credits preview of Final Fantasy 15‘s Episode Ignis, which is due out later this year in December.

Hopefully, this guide will make a potentially infuriating boss fight a little easier for players – those accustomed to third-party shooters, for instance, might be stuck in a bullet conservation sort of mindset despite having infinite ammo, which can result in some tricky windows of time during the Immortalis fight. Have you discovered anything else that makes the fight easier? Any hidden tips, tricks, or better yet – glitches? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.