Square Enix’s day two stream at E3 2017 might have featured even more content than its first iteration, with a number of exciting gameplay demos and panel discussions centered around new releases like Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. Curiously enough, however, it was the discussion of Final Fantasy 15‘s Episode Prompto content that might have been the most exciting, despite the fact that it has been known for months now and is only a small part of a much larger DLC plan.

The excitement swirled around the fact that Final Fantasy 15‘s newest DLC will be a substantially larger addition to the game than its last. Despite being praised as a worthy addition to the game’s lore and environmental world-building, Final Fantasy 15: Episode Gladiolus was also criticized for its oddly-paced gameplay and relatively short main story mission, which many gamers completed in around a half hour. Luckily, a Square Enix representative confirmed on stream today that Episode Prompto will be offer gamer’s a sizeable upgrade on content – Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto will feature around 2 hours of content.

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The live stream also gave fans a better idea of just what they can expect that gameplay to look like, as it was confirmed on stream that Episode Prompto will have at least one vehicular gameplay segment centered around a snow mobile. The in-game content that was previewed also indicated that fans should expect a little bit more stealth-based gameplay as well, as Prompto was shown sneaking around what appeared to be a military compound of some sort sporting a gun that resembles an AK-47.

Those eager to check out the latest Final Fantasy 15 has to offer won’t have to wait long, either, as Episode Prompto releases in late June. Square Enix has already demonstrated that the development team is willing to take chances with the DLC, as Episode Gladiolus had radically different combat that polarized fans, and it appears that Episode Prompto will be more of the same. Still, Prompto’s gun-based combat and ability to pilot a snow mobile might be the jolt in the arm the game needs heading into the back-end of its launch year DLC plan.

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Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto releases on June 27, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Square Enix Day 2 E3 2017 Live Stream