Although most players have destroyed the Final Fantasy 15 campaign multiple times at this point, new content is still being delivered thanks to the episodic DLC packs. With Episode Prompto set to launch this week, the follow up, Episode Ignis, has finally been revealed in a new teaser trailer.

We’ll try to avoid spoilers, but the state of Ignis towards the end of the Final Fantasy 15 campaign left a lot of players emotional. The character goes through a bit of hell off screen and, up to this point, players have had to fill in the blanks about what happened to the party’s favorite chef and driver. As expected, it looks like Episode Ignis will help tell the real story behind Iggy’s side of the adventure.

Here is a look at the first teaser trailer…

In addition to the incredibly dark look at Ignis’ episode, the teaser also reveals a December 2017 release date for the DLC. Some fans are disappointed, since this episode was originally scheduled for early fall, but the delay should be expected considering the timeline for the rest of the FF15 DLC content. The episode will be available for purchase as a standalone product or as a part of the FF15 season pass. Other details about Episode Ignis are unavailable at this time, but be sure to check back soon for more news.

Final Fantasy 15 had some serious problems with a few chapters at launch, which led to some hesitation about investing in the game’s season pass; but all of the add-on content so far has been very entertaining and exciting. The core game has also received a number of patches and updates that resolved most of the issues with the problematic chapters towards the end of the campaign.

What do you think of this FF15 DLC teaser? Are you looking forward to finding out what happened to Ignis? Let us know in the comments.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Episode Ignis is scheduled to release in December 2017.