Final Fantasy 15 Ending 'Way Different', Says Voice Actor for Noctis


Ray Chase, the voice actor for Final Fantasy 15 protagonist Noctis, tells Game Rant that the ending for Square Enix's upcoming JRPG will be unlike any other Final Fantasy.

At first glance, Final Fantasy 15 doesn't look much like the many Square Enix classics that have preceded it within the franchise. There are cars in Final Fantasy 15 that look like their real-world counterparts, guns without elaborate magical swords attached to them, and a gritty, realistic-looking world that appears far closer to Earth than other Final Fantasy games. To say that Final Fantasy 15 will be a huge departure from many of the familiar elements in the series would be an understatement, and it's Square Enix's willingness to embrace innovation within a legendary property that has fans so excited for Final Fantasy 15's impending release.

As it turns out, however, the changes in Final Fantasy 15 stem far beyond world-building aesthetic and the inclusion of cell phones in-game. In an interview conducted with Ray Chase, the voice actor for Final Fantasy 15's Noctis, the man behind the crown prince revealed to Game Rant that Final Fantasy 15's ending will be far different from its predecessors:

"This game really pulls no punches, and I think that means it tells a much better story than previous titles. The 'deaths' in the XIII series, for example, never felt weighty because people just came back again, and again. So there was never a sense of real loss. XV is way different, and if you end up triumphing over evil, it's because you deserved it!"

Chase is a noted fan of the series, so his assertion that Final Fantasy 15's ending will be much different is one that holds a lot of weight. Final Fantasy 15's Omen trailer certainly appeared to indicate that the game wouldn't shy away from embracing darker undertones than fans have seen in the more recent series instalments, and Chase's mention of deaths in the series hints that gamers might want to prepare themselves for more moments like the famous death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7.


Chase also stated that fans would get to see Noctis "in all sorts of scenarios - from deepest despair to happy-go-lucky", so Final Fantasy 15's narrative will offer a variety of character-building moments that the series has sorely-needed in recent years. It will be interesting to see how Noctis stacks up to the series' other iconic heroes, but his gigantic weapons and often brooding demeanor should strike a chord with fans of protagonists like Squall and Cloud.

Of course, just getting to the ending of Final Fantasy 15 to see how different it is will be no easy task. The title is reportedly between 50-100 hours long depending on how actively gamers pursue side content, but at the very least, sinking in those hours shouldn't be a struggle - in a recent Game Rant hands-on, we praised Final Fantasy 15's combat as the feature that will save the series.

Final Fantasy 15 will release for PS4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

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