New Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Footage Shown at EGX

No Plans for a Final Fantasy XV Sequel

PlayStation Access livestreams gameplay of Final Fantasy 15 from this year's EGX that shows off Regalia customization, a racing mini-game with Gladio, and more.

EGX 2016 has already shown off copious amounts of Final Fantasy 15 footage -- the first 40 minutes of the game, in fact -- but there is still plenty of ground to cover. Another batch of gameplay from the folks at PlayStation Access highlights some of the game's customization features, as well as mini-games and the like. Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down for unknown reasons, but its contents are described below.

The Regalia plays and important role in Final Fantasy 15, as there could be no road trip adventure on foot. Since the Regalia is a pretty impressive piece of machinery, the Noctis crew is already riding with some serious style, but if the vehicle's standard look isn't right for some, they have plenty of options to change that.

The video opens by going through the many customization options available to players. Perhaps black leather interior isn't one's thing. Why not go with mint chocolate, dark rose, or cranberries & cream? Customization goes beyond simply changing the color of the interior, however. The body and wheels have their own array of options with quirky names, which were demoed as well. Decals are also an option, but were not shown.

final-fantasy-xv-regalia-cruising square enix

Furthermore, characters will be sporting every piece of equipment they are assigned on their models, as opposed to keeping the same looks they start with; as is the standard for a lot of games. Since players will be regularly picking up new duds to boost the stats of their characters, expect them to have a lot of different looks through out the game that will likely result in some humorous cutscenes. But the game does appear to have some options that aren't stat-based, such as the option of wearing a jacket or not.

Now that the car is tricked out and the Noctis crew is looking sharp, they hop into the Regalia and hit the highway. Along the way the car radio options are demoed and the theme of Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy 8 is played. It's explained that players can browse through different Final Fantasy soundtracks on the fly whenever they're on the road. From what can be gleaned, it appears to be equipped with every game's soundtrack, as the person demoing can be seen flipping through a lot of the Final Fantasy 14 soundtrack to find a particular battle theme.

final-fantasy-xv-fishing square enix

Later, they hit the beach and camp for the night. The next morning Gladio challenges Noctis to a footrace, which is actually a mini-game that can net players some extra AP. A short time later, the demo shows off a bit of fishing. Fish are used as ingredients for cooking, but, according to the presenter, they can also provide treasure. Unfortunately, this is where the demo ends as landing a fish crashed the game.

The demo is a nice look at some of the more minor features in Final Fantasy 15, but it's also is an indication of the many things available to players overall. A couple weeks ago guns were introduced as another option in combat, and gameplay footage from PAX West showcased one of over 200 side-quests available -- in addition to a Chocobo racing mini-game.

Since Final Fantasy 15 was revealed to be only half open world, there's no telling if the majority of these mini-games and side quests are only available in the first half of the game or if they will bleed over into the other, linear portion as well. Either way, they will be a welcomed distraction to players fatigued by core gameplay.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers (via Siliconera)

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