Final Fantasy 15 Driving Gameplay Video Reveals Exploration Choices

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Square Enix has been keeping fans waiting for nine years, yet still hasn’t announced Final Fantasy XV‘s release date. While fans have been shown bits and pieces of gameplay and been able to play the Episode Duscae demo hands-on, very little has been revealed about the title that’s been in development for nearly a decade.

However, Square Enix isn’t keeping everything about the game under wraps. Fans can now take a peek at some gameplay footage of the Final Fantasy XV crew cruising in their car.

The developers of Final Fantasy XV have mentioned that the game is, in essence, a roadtrip for the main characters, so it should come as no surprise that the driving portions of the game are highly detailed. While the clip is fairly short, it reveals a lot about how driving will work in the game.

First of all, players are given the option of either getting behind the wheel themselves, or assigning another character to do it while they kick back in a passenger seat. Players are also given the option to stop the car (whether they’re driving or a passenger) and explore whenever they like, and can swap places with the driver as they see fit. The gameplay footage also shows that players will be able to swap perspectives and camera angles, switching to first-person from the driver’s point of view with ease.

Final Fantasy 15 Driving Light Shadow Environment

While fans may still find themselves doubting whether Final Fantasy XV will restore the series to its former glory, there’s no arguing that the title looks incredible. The environments are gorgeous, and the Luminous Studio software engine is hard at work, creating realistic billowing of clothing, hair, and dramatic shifts from light to shadow as the all-male cast drives across the countryside with the top down.

Final Fantasy may never return to its core turn-based roots, but it’s clear that Square Enix has been pouring plenty of innovation and work into Final Fantasy XV. While some titles suffer from being moved from one console generation to the next, it’s apparent that whatever work had already been put into Final Fantasy XV while it was still destined for older generations has been overhauled, and it looks like it will make the most of the current-generation systems. While Square Enix won’t even be announcing when Final Fantasy XV will be released until March, with any luck, gamers won’t have to wait much longer for the finished title.

Final Fantasy fans, are you looking forward to the open-world exploration, or would you rather skip straight to the story and action? Let us know in the comments.

Final Fantasy XV is estimated to release in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Square Enix NA