Square Enix is celebrating the Final Fantasy franchise’s 30th anniversary and, as a part of the festivities, the company has announced release dates for upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC.

This is a big year for Final Fantasy fans, with Final Fantasy 7 celebrating its 20th anniversary and the series as a whole celebrating 30 years. In honor of the occasion, Square Enix has unloaded a copious amount of information on current and upcoming Final Fantasy games during the 30th anniversary event in Tokyo. Among these announcements are release dates for three pieces of downloadable content heading to Final Fantasy 15

RPG Site, which collected the information from the Japanese-only event, reports a special Booster Pack DLC will be available on February 21, and will allow Noctis and the gang to don Magitek Exosuits. The suits make the team invincible for a short duration of thirty minutes before needing to recharge.

booster pack final fantasy 15 magitek exosuit square enix

This will likely become a favorite accessory for those wanting to participate in the title’s new game plus, which will be the best route to experience the updated story content eventually coming to Final Fantasy 15 that will flesh out certain characters, as well as fill in story gaps that concerned and confused many players who already finished the game.

On March 28, players will be able to step into someone else’s shoes by taking control of Gladio in the game’s first major story DLC. This marks the first time another party member will be playable outside of Noctis. Episode Gladiolus will allow players to finally learn what happened when Gladio took a little time off to himself during the game.

And it looks like Cor Leonis will be along for the ride. He joined the party briefly during the first leg of their journey, then seemingly disappeared from existence, never to be seen again.

episode gladiolus final fantasy 15 dlc square enix

Episode Prompto, which stars the party’s rambunctious photographer, has been announced for some time in June, but no further details were released.

Currently, there has only been one piece of DLC released for Final Fantasy 15 thus far – two if we’re counting the Moogle Chocobo Carnival currently going on in-game. The Holiday Pack was dropped back in December and added a few cosmetic goodies for players as a free update.

While Power Ranger-esque exosuits are appealing, many players are likely looking forward to the upcoming story DLC, which will help alleviate some of the game’s narrative woes. Still, others might see this content as a cash grab, believing it should have been included in the main game all along due to the fact that the game feels a tad unfinished.

Perhaps, once the additional story content has been implemented and the accompanying story DLC is released, Final Fantasy 15 will be considered whole. But, by then it might be too late for those who finished the game months ago and were left feeling unsatisfied.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.