The official website for Final Fantasy 15 details upcoming DLC focused on main hero Noctis’ comrades, making them playable characters for the first time.

Those itching to play Final Fantasy 15 as characters other than main protagonist Noctis will be pleased to know Square Enix is releasing DLC that will allow that very thing. Each of Noctis’ friends, which includes Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus, will all get their own DLC episodes where they are playable characters in Final Fantasy 15.

It was discovered last week that Final Fantasy 15 was poised to get a DLC season pass after spotting a listing for it in the PlayStation Store, but nothing official had been announced. Recently the website updated with the list of DLC packaged with the pass, which has been translated by siliconera. The season pass includes six DLCs, three of which are dedicated to the other party members, while the remaining three appear to be packs meant to enhance the game by supplying additional weapons and items.

DLC 1 (Booster Pack) will provide “powerful weapons,” DLC3 (Holiday Pack) includes “a splendid item pack to make your game more gorgeous,” while DLC6 (Expansion Pack) suggests it will make it possible to “enjoy a completely new way to play Final Fantasy 15,” though it is not clear what that entails. In fact, outside of these brief descriptions, not much else is known about the DLCs.

Final Fantasy 15: This is How the Airship Works - Final Fantasy XV car and monster

However, it can be assumed the character specific DLC is meant to fill in story gaps that perhaps the main game left open, much in the same way the upcoming movie Kingsglaive will. While the exact information will be released at some point likely closer to the game’s launch date, pre-order bonus details have recently been disclosed. There are other possible, extra pre-order bonuses as well, if someone is lucky enough to win them through the Carbuncle Surprise promotion.

Final Fantasy 15 has proven to be a very different animal than previous installments in the series, where characters are introduced and players are then able to assemble a party, taking control of whichever characters they would like. While, in most cases, there is a main protagonist, other characters in the party are typically still playable.

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That is not the case with Final Fantasy 15, which insists on one playable character, Noctis, with the rest of the party acting as support. This will be an interesting experiment for longtime fans of the series, but should it prove hard to get used to, these upcoming DLC episodes should alleviate some frustration players might feel when adapting to this new style — if they are willing to cough up the money to get the DLC, of course.

Currently there is no price for the Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass outside of Japan, which is listing it at 2,700 yen, which is roughly around $30. The season pass can be purchased individually, but it will also be bundled with the Deluxe Edition, which is listed at $89.99 in the US.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Square Enix (via IGN, Siliconera)