After the announcement of the Monster Hunter World crossover at E3, the Final Fantasy 14 community has received a lot of attention, as the ambitious event peaked a lot of interest. However, it appears that not all is well within the dedicated MMORPG community since its official Discord has officially lost its partner status due to its NSFW channel.

The loss of such a status comes with a serious cost. Because of this decision, the Final Fantasy 14 Discord has lost various personalization options, improved voice chat, several moderation tools, and a number of other perks. Initially, an official rep gave the Discord’s moderators 48 hours to remove “altered pornography which depicts minors” that surfaced within its NSFW chat channel, with the consequences being the deletion of the server.

Eanae, a member of the FF14 server, argued that the content was against the “server’s rules and guidelines,” taking action against the pornographic image within “minutes.” However, it was too late, as Discord had removed and refused to reinstate the server’s partner status, even though the illegal image was dealt with appropriately. Continuing on, a rep said another reason for the loss of partner status was the frequent use of offensive terms and slurs, but the biggest issue was the existence of an NSFW channel.

discord partner final fantasy 14

While these channels are an official Discord feature, the company doesn’t want partners to have them, as partners represent the Discord brand. A rep then revealed that this was made clear to all partners at the point that the NSFW channels were established, but in the post, Discord went on to acknowledge that it should have been more clear concerning this policy. This decision by Discord isn’t that different from when Steam threatened to remove anime games over adult content, though it’s worth mentioning the latter eventually backed down from the issue.

Just to be clear, though the illegal image was the initial cause of investigation, it’s not the reason the server ultimately lost its status, but the fact that the server simply hosts an NSFW channel. Unfortunately, as this issue eventually resolves, it doesn’t seem like the server will get its partner status reinstated. While Discord should have made this much more clear, the company holds these policies for a reason, though it’s possible it adapts a less aggressive approach similar to Steam’s latest policy for moderating games.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, and Mac.

Source: Reddit