While at Gamescom, Final Fantasy 15 game director Hajime Tabata takes a moment to explain why Square Enix chose to delay its upcoming RPG title for an extra 2 months.

Game delays are never an enjoyable experience for the fans who are already struggling to wait for a title’s release, or for the developers who have worked hard to meet a deadline and must admit they need more time. There are few delays more painful than those that pertain to a title like Final Fantasy 15, however – a game that has an entire genre’s worth of fans hoping it will revitalize the JRPG scene and has been in production for ten years now. When rumors of a Final Fantasy 15 delay began to circulate, then, gamers remained optimistic while bracing themselves for the worst.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 15’s release has been officially moved to November, a move that has stymied some of the game’s momentum after some awe-inspiring gameplay demonstrations and excellent feedback from early hands-on impressions. Realizing that gamers need a solid explanation, Final Fantasy 15 game director Hajime Tabata sat down with IGN at Gamescom to explain why Square Enix ultimately made the decision to delay its flagship game release of 2016:

“Originally I was thinking it would be okay and we could put all of the extra updates into a day-one patch, but at that point I learned there are maybe a lot of people out there who play in an offline environment and don’t have internet.”

Tabata explained that the original approach would have been a very large day-one patch, but in considering those without access to an internet connection, Square Enix advocated for a different decision instead. Once the day-one patch was vetoed, Tabata estimated that it would take roughly two months to put all of that content onto the disc and use the delay to add a bit more polish to one of E3 2016’s best RPGs. Tabata elaborated a bit more, stating the game is essentially done but needs that extra polish because of its huge amount of content:

“If you keep putting more volume and more content into the games, with that comes a load of extra debugging and polishing and optimization periods, so we really are concentrating on…getting that really solid and really perfect for the final game.”

Tabata also stated that fans looking to understand where the game is at currently should watch the hour-long Final Fantasy 15 footage that was recently released. Tabata believes the quality of the game is evident in that gameplay demonstration, but also hopes that fans will understand Square Enix’s desire to make as much of the game’s content perfect as possible.

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In the end, if the two month delay makes it so that Final Fantasy 15 is playable right after purchase rather than needing a sizeable day-one patch download, it’s probably a worthwhile decision on Square Enix and Tabata’s part. Of course, fan expectation will be even higher now that Tabata has stated the two months will help perfect the game even further, and it will be interesting to see if Final Fantasy 15 can live up to that expectation even if it is one of the best titles 2016 has to offer.

How do you feel about the two month delay? Do you think enough players don’t have internet connections that avoiding a day-one patch is a smart idea? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy 15 will release worldwide on November 29, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN