Watch Final Fantasy 15's Death Spell in Action


What's cooler than using dark magic to completely warp an enemy's body before disintegrating it? After watching this Final Fantasy 15 video, the answer is probably nothing.

The RPG genre has many tropes that fans both love and loathe: the ancient, unfeeling evil; the protagonist with a sword that defies the laws of physics; or the mysterious item salesman who curiously is able to set up shop at the literal end of the world on the off chance a player wants to purchase a potion. When it comes to the Final Fantasy series and its newest game, Final Fantasy 15, however, many of these tropes feel as though they are being refuted. Even Noctis' physics-defying sword is only curious because he can make it materialize seemingly at will.

One tradition that many fans of the genre would mourn the passing of would be a powerful spell that can melt entire parties of enemies into little more than scorched earth. Final Fantasy 15 has a gorgeous game engine that is capable of such destruction, but little had been revealed about whether or not players could enact that kind of chaos in-game. Recently, however, Square Enix shared a presentation that highlighted the existence of the Death spell in Final Fantasy 15, and its existence is a revelation.


In the video above, Noctis is able to cast Death and visibly suck the life force out of his enemies, warping their existence in reality before completely disintegrating them in a red explosion of arcane dust. Not only does the spell appear incredibly powerful, but it also heals Noctis while he is casting it, and its continuous cast animation ensures it will get the job done eventually as long as the enemy can't interrupt Noctis in time.

Part of Final Fantasy 15's appeal is that the game's more involved combat actions make each fight feel intense, and the Death spell certainly adds to that allure. While it's likely such a powerful spell won't be made available too early in the game, the fact that Final Fantasy 15's main story is 40-50 hours means gamers will still have plenty of time to experiment with and enjoy the Death spell to its fullest extent.

Still, casting Death on some of the game's beautiful but vicious wildlife is sure to wear on gamer's consciences after a while. Luckily, game director Hajime Tabata was able to include adorable Moogle dolls in Final Fantasy 15, a move that was initially met with confusion but could be there to lift player's spirits after a particularly hard day of exploration and Death-casting.

Final Fantasy 15 releases on November 29, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Final Fantasy 15 YouTube (via VG 24/7)

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