Final Fantasy 15 Day One Update Details Coming Tomorrow


Square Enix takes to Twitter to inform fans that Final Fantasy 15's first update will be available in a day one patch, with details about that update coming tomorrow.

Final Fantasy 15 has always been an ambitious project. Born out of the ashes of a game that was supposed to tie-in to Final Fantasy 13 nearly a decade ago, the development process for Final Fantasy 15 has spanned at least two different game directors and a complete overhaul of the game's narrative, which is now being talked up as having one of the best endings in Final Fantasy history.

That ambition stems well beyond just the initial development process, too. Game director Hajime Tabata has discussed the fact that Square Enix has big DLC plans for Final Fantasy 15, and it appears that the development team isn't stopping there either. The official Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account announced this weekend that there will be a hefty day one patch for the upcoming game, and that said patch will also include Final Fantasy 15's first update as well.




Square Enix didn't suggest what the update would actually entail, however, instead indicating that details on the update should be revealed tomorrow. Despite the fact that Final Fantasy 15 has already gone gold, the development team, led by Tabata, has been working on adding enhancements, extra features, and upgrades that they wanted to implement without unnecessarily delaying the game further.

That information alongside the fact that Square Enix will be going over the details of the day one update both suggest that it will be a rather sizeable one, and a rumor started by a Twitter post in response to Square's initial announcement shows a 1.01 Final Fantasy 15 patch coming in at over 7 GB in size. If that estimate is true, fans can likely expect a large number of new features and bug fixes on day one, which should help the game's launch experience go smoothly once gamers churn through their bandwidth to get the latest version of Final Fantasy 15.

Of course, the size and scale of the day one patch are still largely speculation at this point, and only the official announcement from Square Enix tomorrow will clarify exactly what fans can expect from the day one Final Fantasy 15 update. Final Fantasy 15's depth and features are already quite impressive, but after a decade of waiting, fans likely won't let more downloading on the day of Final Fantasy 15's release spoil the potential addition of even more content and features.

Final Fantasy 15 will release for PS4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

Source: Twitter (via Siliconera)

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