Square Enix announces a brand new piece of gear set to be added to Final Fantasy 15 in relation to a promotional partnership with convenience food brand Cup Noodle.

It’s no secret that food was a priority during the development of Final Fantasy 15. However, there’s now confirmation that a certain convenience food brand has inspired a new in-game item that’s set to be made available as part of a bizarre cross-promotion effort.

Last month, the Final Fantasy franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary in style, as Square Enix held a high-profile event in Tokyo. Among the laundry list of announcements made at the event was confirmation that Japanese brand Nissin had plans to produce the Final Fantasy Boss Collection.

The Boss Collection is a set of fifteen themed Cup Noodle cartons housed inside a special presentation case. Each cup features a design based around bosses from each mainline installment in the Final Fantasy series.

This bizarre piece of limited edition merchandise would perhaps be enough to tempt Final Fantasy fans into attempting to procure one of the 30,000 sets that are being made. However, Square Enix is sweetening the deal with a bonus item that can be redeemed for use in Final Fantasy XV.


The Boss Collection will also include a code that yields a special Cup Noodle helmet for Noctis to wear, according to a report from DualShockers. The download will be made available over the summer, with instructions on how to grab the content coming with the set of Cup Noodles.

Cup Noodle branded products feature prominently in Final Fantasy XV, with vans and billboards showing up across the game world. However, this helmet gives players the opportunity to display their affection for the snack product throughout the experience.

There’s no word on whether Western fans will be able to get their hands on the helmet, given that the Boss Collection will only be made available in Japan. It seems possible that it could be offered as separate DLC, given that there are only a limited number of Cup Noodle sets made available.

The Cup Noodle cross-promotion is the latest in a string of weird content released to supplement the game. The main storyline of Final Fantasy XV is pretty serious, but there’s much more silliness to be found in the game’s optional content and DLC.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.