Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Combat Tips and Tricks


Final Fantasy 15 has the most dynamic combat system the franchise has ever seen, and also one of the most complex - here are a few early tips and tricks to make combat easier.

Now that gamers can finally get their hands on Final Fantasy 15, early reviews and hands-on impressions of Square Enix's latest iteration of the time-honored frachise seem to unanimously agree that it features Final Fantasy's most compelling combat system. There's a lot to unpack when it comes to figuring out Final Fantasy 15's frenetic and fast-paced combat, but it has certainly situated itself as one of the series' finest battle systems yet, and gamers should enjoy getting a feel for Noctis' skills as the game progresses.

While Final Fantasy 15 is the kind of game that should definitely be explored without spoilers as much as possible, combat is a key element of the gameplay that will make the exploration of Final Fantasy 15's world much easier. For those looking for a quick edge in battles immediately upon picking up Final Fantasy 15, Game Rant has compiled a useful guide full of tips and tricks to make early struggles less likely. This guide is also spoiler-free, unless readers have no idea what to expect from the basic combat system of the game, so read on without fear of ruining anything about Final Fantasy 15's narrative.

Warp Is The Way

Early in the game's tutorial section, the Final Fantasy 15 development team makes it very clear that one of the biggest weapons in Noctis' arsenal is his ability to Warp. Noctis can abuse teleport magic in a way that other Final Fantasy protagonists could only dream of, and it can make combat much more manageable if players embrace Noctis' very unique skill.

final fantasy 15 warp strike

Noctis can use a Warp Attack, which can deal extra damage when timed right and break up enemy attack patterns, or he can warp defensively to dodge enemy attacks at the perfect moment while appearing behind them, ready to inflict catastrophic pain upon his enemies. The best use of Warp, however, is the ability to lock on to high vantage points in the field of battle and hang out there briefly, recovering MP and getting out of harm's way at the same time. Players can then lock-on to enemies down below them and fling Noctis' weapon into them, warping Noctis to the hilt of the blade and entering combat in the most stylish way possible. Speaking of locking on, however...

Locking On Makes Things Much Easier

At least in the beginning of Final Fantasy 15, anyways. It's true that one of the game's biggest detriments is the fact that its camera can struggle to keep up with the pace of combat when it's taking place in close quarters, which can mean not locking on to opponents later in the game simply to avoid camera troubles. Early on, however, locking on to enemies is a vital piece of Final Fantasy 15's combat that should not be ignored. Players can make battle significantly more technical and accurate simply by locking on to enemies in succession, and when it comes to casting magic that could potentially harm party members as well, ensuring that Noctis is targeting an enemy away from his friends can be the difference between an easy fight or a brutal struggle for survival.

Use the Battle System Prompts

One of Final Fantasy 15's more flashy innovations in combat are prompts that appear after certain attacks - like those that hit an enemy's blindside, for instance - that allow Noctis to team up with another party member to deliver a series of strikes that often benefit the party or debuff an enemy in some way. Not only is it a useful skill that comes with literally no downside whenever a prompt appears, it's also Final Fantasy 15 at its most stylish, illustrating the way combat is smooth and characters come off as naturally "cool" fighters.

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Just like any tried-and-true JRPG franchise, Final Fantasy features an endless parade of wildly different enemies, and these enemies all have different weaknesses that can be exploited to give players an edge in combat. While using elemental magic to exploit weaknesses is something that Final Fantasy fans will be well aware of at this point in the series' lifespan, Final Fantasy 15 also gives Noctis the ability to swap between four different types of weapons on the fly in combat.

That ability to quick-swap weapons is important, because enemies in Final Fantasy 15 also have weaknesses to weapon types. Being able to identify these weaknesses and swap back and forth between daggers and a greatsword can be critical in ensuring the party succeeds early, as weapon upgrades can be scarce and it's far more likely that battles will be decided by smart tactics rather than overpowered equipment.

Parrying Isn't Sexy, But It Works

When given the choice, it's likely that most Final Fantasy 15 players would pick phasing through an enemy before they attack or incinerating them with a ball of fire before favoring the option to simply parry their attack. That would be a distinct disadvantage to those players, however, because parrying in Final Fantasy 15 is a big deal, especially in boss fights or against uncommon, more powerful monsters in the open world of Lucis. Parrying can inflict damage on an opponent while also negating their attack, and often times bosses will be so large or have a wide range for their abilities, making dodging a much more, well, dodgy prospect than attempting to parry.

Getting the timing down for parry isn't a bad thing, either. It's one of the more difficult aspects of combat, but if players master it, they'll be well-equipped for most of what Final Fantasy 15's combat system can throw at them.


These are just some of the important factors that influence battles in Final Fantasy 15, but mastering these early will make battles much more fun long-term. That being said, however, there are certainly different ways to play the game - perhaps simply holding down the attack button and leaving it up to fate to decide can be effective in some spots, and there's a lot to be said for customizing the Ascension skill tree system to suit a player's gameplay style.

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Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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