According to Square Enix, due to extremely high demand for their Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector’s Editions, the company is producing 10,000 additional units.

A few weeks ago we reported that Square Enix decided to create more copies of the Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Recently, the company has released details on what exactly is going on with this situation. According to its official blog, 10,000 new units will begin production soon, but due to high demand for this particular collector’s edition, Final Fantasy 15 fans actually getting a copy is an ordeal.

final fantasy 15 ultimate collectors edition

With this new stock, the total number of copies is 40,000 worldwide, meaning there is a lot of competition for a relatively small number of units. Additionally, Square Enix has stated that it is not entirely sure these newest copies will even arrive in time for Final Fantasy 15‘s launch later this year.

We cannot guarantee that this new batch of 10,000 UCEs will arrive on time for the launch of Final Fantasy XV on 30th of September 2016. But rest assured we are trying our absolute hardest to get them to fans in time.

The company added that it will provide regular updates down the line, but currently there is no estimated date of release for these new units. Square Enix claims the reasons behind the delay is due to the intricately detailed Noctis figure includes with the Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

We have only been able to produce 10,000 more UCEs due to the time it takes to create each individual Noctis Play Arts Kai figure because they are so detailed, and to confirm, this is the final batch of UCEs we will produce.

In the company’s defense, the Noctis figure is really nice and likely worth the wait for anyone who manages to gets an ultimate collector’s edition, but demand is still incredibly high, so odds are slim. However, with such high demand Square Enix may be able to breathe a sigh of relief from the pressure of having to sell 10 million copies of Final Fantasy 15 to break even.

If limited quantity and a shaky release window was not enough motivation to throw down $269.99, there will also be a waiting list. How the order process will go down depends on your region of the world, but, essentially, the earlier you join the list, the better your chances of getting a copy. Is a collector’s edition worth all this trouble? Our own Cody Gravelle has some opinions on the subject.

Anyone still interested after all of this hoopla can try their luck at Square Enix’s official store. Anyone getting stressed out just reading about it should take a look at this gorgeous environmental footage from the game and all these troubles will seem miles away.

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled to release worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, 2016.

Source: Square Enix (via Destructoid)