Final Fantasy 15: Look Out For This Photobomber


Final Fantasy 15 players get creeped out by a photobombing creature, Carbuncle, who appears in photos even when it can't be seen by players during gameplay.

Easter Eggs have long been a part of video games. Developers often take the opportunity to insert unique and fun extras into their games that challenge gamers with new tasks, incorporate iconic characters, or offer fun distractions. While EA and DICE enjoy testing Battlefield players with mysterious puzzles, however, Square Enix has other ideas for Final Fantasy 15.

Players have discovered while playing the action-adventure title that a furry companion keeps cropping up in photos. The rabbit-like creature, known as Carbuncle, has been photobombing players as they traverse the world of Final Fantasy 15.

Prompto, one of Final Fantasy 15’s main characters, snaps photos of the group as the game progresses. Players can review those photos and the end of a mission to reminisce about their experience. But as they’ve done so, some players have discovered something that wasn’t there when they were taking the photos: Carbuncle sitting somewhere in the picture.


Carbuncle has been a part of the Final Fantasy series for a long time. It’s usually been available as a summon, though in Final Fantasy 15 he’s more of a special companion to the game’s main protagonist, Prince Noctis. In fact, earlier this year, gamers got a chance to try a Platinum Demo, where Carbuncle escorted Noctis through an imaginary dream world. When players beat the mission, they unlocked the companion creature for the full game.

So what’s up with Carbuncle only showing up in photos in Final Fantasy 15? Many gamers have speculated that Carbuncle isn’t real, but is instead an imaginary friend to Noctis. And they may be right.

Carbuncle appeared only to Noctis in the Platimum Demo. It can’t be seen by the game’s other characters, and only pops up in photos viewable by the player, who takes on the role of Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. Finally, in the easy mode of Final Fantasy 15, Carbuncle helps out Noctis – and only Noctis – throughout the game.

Considering all that, it’s kind of fun to think of Carbuncle as Noctis’ personal spirit animal that is always around to protect and comfort the young hero. That said, the fact that Carbuncle finds its way into the game’s photos, often tucked away in a corner staring at the game’s characters, is a little creepy. At least that’s the consensus among gamers online.


It’ll be interesting to see if Carbuncle plays a further role in Noctis’ life further on in the game, or if it remains a fun Easter Egg in Prompto’s photos. It’ll also be fun to see what other Easter Eggs pop up in Square Enix’s latest action adventure title.

Have you seen Carbuncle pop up in your Final Fantasy 15 photos? Share them below in the comments.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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