Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Beginner Tips and Tricks


Final Fantasy 15 is now available and this list of beginner tips and tricks helps eliminate some early game confusion and answers many frequently asked questions.

Final Fantasy 15 is finally here and players around the world are diving into the fantasy road trip for an adventure that will likely keep them entertained for upwards of 100+ hours. Early reviews are very positive and it seems like the game is poised to be an instant hit. Although there will soon be many experts and min maxers explaining exactly how the game 'should' be played, most players are on the same level for the first day or two. That said, there are some basic tips that are very helpful going into the first Final Fantasy 15 play session...

Some hardcore players have already clocked dozens of hours in the game thanks to early releases or review copies and there are a few lessons to be learned from those early adopters. One fan, Saucy_Bastard, took to Reddit to share some of the things they wish they knew when starting the game.

Here's a breakdown of the most helpful tips from the Reddit post:


"Ignis can learn cooking recopies from reading signs and books, finding new ingredients, and eating things at restaurants.

Sleep in various places, including motels. Story scenes can play out at different places. These can give you AP or unlock new skills.

I've yet to find anything permanently missable, and even bosses can be fought again.

Save those coins! You can stack XP magic up to level 99. In addition, every 4 items put into an xp spell increases uses by +1. There is a 3x xp hotel later in the game, so if you're going to power level, save it! Also, Ignis learns a +100% xp gain food as he levels his skill.

Speaking of Ignis, his range of buffs is insane. I run a 80%+ crit food constantly.

After getting the basic upgrades from the magic tree, I wouldn't bother putting more in. I put a lot in and see poor returns even with break limit spells.

DO put points into the various stat boosts, bro abilities, and healing tree.

The infinite airstep upgrade is cool as shit and worth every point spent.

When fishing, don't just stop reeling when there is tension, stop when the fish splashes too.

There is a lure you get from a quest that I have yet to find a duplicate of. It's amazing, so be wary of losing it.

Upgrading your royal arms (finding more) increases the damage of armiger.

Be careful about what you sell. Some items are used for quests or upgrading and can be a pain to get more of.

Explore. There is so much cool stuff hidden in out of the way places.

Save often. Don't rely on autosaves.

Upgrading your chocobo is very helpful. It's way faster than getting around on foot.

Press the sprint button again just before you run out of Stamina to refill it.

Ignis can also learn new dishes from Seeing them. So if someone is eating, walk by them.

Don't be shy about spending gil. It's not too hard to get if you take your time, explore, and do side missions/hunts.

Speaking of hunts, DO THEM! They give good loot, you'll see unique monsters, and you can see more, do more, and get more as you put time into the Hunter's Guild. (Think FF12 but with about 100x more marks and less story for each mark)

Doing side quests can unlock new items in shops, new skills for characters, discounts, and vanity changes for your car and chocobo. (Along with changes that effect gameplay like car upgrades and chocobo medals) Seriously, explore."

Some players may prefer to download the day one patch and go into the game blind and experience things with an unsullied perspective, but for gamers who want a few hints, these tips go a long way. The game is full of options and player freedom so, like most great RPGs, there isn't really a wrong way to play.

Have you started Final Fantasy 15 yet? What do you think so far? Let us know in the comments.

Final Fantasy 15 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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