Final Fantasy 15's Audi R8 Available for $469,000


Audi Japan announces it is selling the special edition Audi R8 V10 that's featured in the Final Fantasy XV movie Kingsglaive, and will cost a whopping $469,000.

While it’s pretty common for game developers to offer beefed up editions of their newest titles, or even special edition extras for an additional cost, occasionally a developer will offer a unique game-themed prize that’s extremely expensive. In just the last few years, GRID 2 offered a Special Edition that came with a BAC Mono supercar for $188,719, and Dying Light Special Edition came complete with a custom built zombie-proof shelter for a whopping $386,000.

But neither of those tops the latest special offer, which comes by way of Final Fantasy 15. Audi announced that the uniquely designed Audi R8 featured in the Final Fantasy 15  feature film Kingsglaive is going on sale for an impressive $469,000.

The car, going by the title “Star of Lucis”, will be sold by Audi Japan to one lucky buyer. It’s a 2016 Audi R9 V10 model and has been fully customized from top to bottom. While the Star of Lucis is nearly three times the cost of a stock Audi R8 V10, the lucky owner of this will have far more to show off than any other Audi owner in the world.


Naturally, there are very few people who could purchase such a car, and fewer still who would be interested in the Final Fantasy 15 connection this car has. But it seems Audi Japan is expecting at least a handful of interested buyers, as it’s setting up a lottery system to choose the winner.

Rather than auction the car off, Audi is setting the price to a firm $469,000 and allowing interested buyers to submit an application with their intent to purchase. Registration will open on November 21st at 10 AM Japan time, just in time for the release of Final Fantasy 15.

Audi Japan didn’t provide an end date for when the application will be closed, so those planning to submit an application will want to do so as soon as possible on November 21st. Sometime after the applications are complete, likely a week or two, Audi Japan will announce the winner of the car, who will of course still have to pay for the special edition vehicle.

Check out a the below gallery of images for the Star of Lucis:

Unlike other special edition items, the Star of Lucis isn’t directly tied to a copy of Final Fantasy XV. That said, it’s still linked to the game, and will be of interest to fans of the franchise. To date, the Star of Lucis will be the second most expensive video game special edition offering in history. The top spot still goes to Saints Row IV, which offered a $1 million Special Edition that came complete with a Virgin Galactic space flight, a spy training day, plastic surgery, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and first class trips to both Washington D.C. and Dubai.

What do you think about the Final Fantasy XV Audi? Do you have the funds to complete an application?

Final Fantasy XV is set to release November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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