Now that the hype and expectation surrounding Final Fantasy 15 has quieted, it’s a lot easier to provide the game with a suitable retrospective – Square Enix unleashed one of the best iterations of the iconic series in recent memory and, despite several notable flaws, the game persisted as one of the must-play titles of 2016. While DLC releases like the upcoming Episode Prompto continue to provide Final Fantasy 15 with further longevity, however, Square Enix hasn’t provided much in the way of what the title’s future will look like once it finishes its trilogy of expansions centering around Noctis’ best buddies.

That hazy future might be a lot clearer soon. Final Fantasy 15‘s latest Active Time Report broadcast from Square Enix has revealed that the developer deliberately held back some information from its E3 2017 presentation in order to make some major announcements later in the summer. Marketing manager Akio Ofuji said the company has plans for a lot of big stuff for the summer, and director Hajime Tabata had this to add:

“We’ve been very busy. We must make it so that we can announce some proper good announcements for the summer…we want to share some good information at Gamescom.”

Neither Ofuji or Tabata provided any hints about what these big plans for Final Fantasy 15 were, but at least one of them is easy to guess. It seems like a pretty safe bet to assume that at least one announcement at Gamescom will center around Episode Ignis, the last of the companion DLC trilogy for Final Fantasy 15 and an expansion that we know nothing about currently.

That might not be all, though, and it appears Square Enix has been paying attention to what Final Fantasy 15 fans want out of additional content. Beyond the myriad number of patch updates that have improved the game’s play quality drastically since launch, Square Enix has also revealed that Episode Prompto will feature the return of fan favorite Aranea Highwind, as the dragoon will assist Prompto at some point during the DLC’s storyline.

final fantasy 15 aranea highwind

It’s possible, then, that Square Enix has adjusted its plans for Final Fantasy 15 and could be leaning toward extending the game’s lifespan far beyond what it had originally planned. Then again, this is Square Enix, a company that’s never been afraid to hype up its own announcements regardless of how minute or absurd they may be – for all we know, Gamescom 2017 could just feature an hour long demo of Final Fantasy 15‘s fishing DLC instead.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Siliconera