Final Fantasy 15 Guide: All Summons/Astrals


Final Fantasy 15 is an unprecedented success for the series, but that doesn't mean there aren't some familiar faces present - here's where to find all 7 of its summons.

By any measure of the word, Square Enix's Final Fantasy 15 can finally be called a success after over a decade in development. Final Fantasy 15 has been impressing critics the world over, culminating in a number of high-profile positive reviews for the JRPG. While some games haven't been able to marry their impressive gameplay with financial success this year, however, Final Fantasy 15 has become the fastest selling game in the series, pushing over 5 million copies in its first week, defying the odds after its years spent in development hell.

What that success has meant more than anything is that millions of gamers are now deep into Final Fantasy 15, hungrily devouring news about the game's combat system or the secret Carbuncle photobombs that many people may have missed. Diehard fans of the series are harder to please than most, though, and one of the most impressive elements of the game's preview period was whenever it showcased the Final Fantasy 15's summons. Now that gamers have been able to spend some quality time with Final Fantasy 15, they've managed to track down all seven of the game's Astrals (its version of summons), and Game Rant has compiled a list of them here. Be warned - there are some spoilers about how the Final Fantasy 15's story progresses.



For gamers who have been following Final Fantasy 15's development, Carbuncle is probably the most recognizable Astral by far. The fennec fox look-a-like has played a prominent role in Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae and in a series of giveaways done on the Square Enix Store's website, and it's only natural that it appears within the finished product as well. Carbuncle first appears in one of Noctis' dreams, but later in the story Noctis gains the ability to summon it. Carbuncle's summoning casts Ruby Light on the party, which heals and buffs the group.


Ifrit is one of a few Astrals in Final Fantasy 15 that actually can't be summoned by Noctis at all. Instead, Ifrit plays a major role in the game's story, appearing early in the game at the start of the party's adventure and then later as a horrific, demonic enemy. Ifrit is still his traditional fire-magic wielding self, but instead of a gigantic, hairy demon beast, he appears as a devil-like human sitting on a throne in Final Fantasy 15.


Shiva is another Astral encountered early in Final Fantasy 15's journey, and she can be called upon by satisfying the conditions of other summons first. Shiva is equipped with her signature Diamond Dust, an ability that allows her to summon several copies of herself while freezing enemies with a blizzard of frost and snow. Shiva is one of the most traditional representations of classic Final Fantasy 15 summons and, given her fan-favorite status, it's likely a nod from Square Enix to experienced Final Fantasy gamers that Shiva has remained so similar to past representations of her.


Ramuh is the god of lightning in Final Fantasy, and he is usually represented as a wise old man with a long beard and flowing robes. Not much has changed about Ramuh, and gamers first got a glimpse of him during Final Fantasy 15's Episode Duscae. He is larger than usual, and a little bit more intimidating as a result, but Ramuh still gets the job done with Judgment Bolt once his summoning condition has been met - Noctis and crew must be involved in battle for longer than a few minutes before they can call upon the powerful lightning god.



Leviathan initially appears as a boss fight, but Noctis will eventually be able to summon the Astral once she becomes convinced he is worthy of wielding her power. Leviathan can only be summoned near large bodies of water, but she is a huge water serpent that can drastically change the tide of battle when she appears. Noctis can only summon Leviathan when he is in "danger", or low HP, and gamers will have to plan ahead if they wish to lean on her, as location of battles matters greatly when it comes to employing her services.


Unfortunately for those wanting to summon the legendary dragon of Final Fantasy lore, Bahamut isn't a summonable Astral in Final Fantasy 15. Instead, Bahamut appears in Final Fantasy 15 as a gigantic metal dragon that is capable of transforming into a futuristic tank, and is a powerful boss that Noctis and crew have to defeat. He's still equipped with his iconic Terra Flare alongside an ability called Mana Beam, but unfortunately, the only person those abilities will get pointed at in Final Fantasy 15 is the player.


Last but certainly not least, Titan is the Astral that made such a huge impact in Final Fantasy 15's last E3 2016 trailer. The gigantic earth elemental has one of the coolest summon animations in series history, and is only available to Noctis once he's been dealt with as a rampaging summon himself. Once Noctis and crew earn the right to unleash Titan, however, he is a gigantic ally in the fight for good.

Those are the seven summons that made the cut in Final Fantasy 15, but future DLC might add more - after all, series regulars like Odin and Alexander are still missing as Astrals. Are you happy with the roster of available summons, or do you wish there were more for Noctis to call on over the course of Final Fantasy 15? Let us know in the comments below!

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Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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