Final Fantasy 15 Boss Battle is Not 72-Hours Long


Despite previous reports suggesting otherwise, a Final Fantasy 15 player proves that the Adamantoise post-game boss fight is not the 72-hour long battle it was rumored to be.

When a game takes as long as Final Fantasy 15 did in development, it's bound to generate a kind of mythology surrounding it. Whether it be rumors about what the game was supposed to be about prior to a dramatic change or trying to figure out if the world of Final Fantasy 15 still fits in with that of Final Fantasy 13, giving fans a decade to speculate is bound to lead to some interesting Final Fantasy 15 theories.

One of the most outlandish theories, however, didn't emerge from the fan rumor mill at all - on the episode of Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer on Final Fantasy 15, the late-night talk show host investigated a series of earthquakes that turned out to be the gigantic Adamantoise. O'Brien's handler then explained that he wouldn't be fighting Adamantoise until much later in the game, and that the actual boss battle involving the gigantic tortoise was over 72-hours long. Understandably, that comment was met with some skepticism, and game director Hajime Tabata had said that the boss battle would be closer to 15-hours long, but fans were left to wonder which of the two incredibly long instances of Final Fantasy 15's combat it would be.

As it turns out, according to YouTuber PowerPyx, the correct answer is neither. PowerPyx recently uploaded a video to their channel that shows the YouTuber battling Adamantoise in Final Fantasy 15, and with a character at level 69 and a player who is good at using buffs and maxed-out combo attacks, players can expect the boss fight to last around 50 minutes.


That's a dramatic change, but the actual boss battle length is still nearly an hour, which is about as long as a developer could really expect fans to want to continue slogging through a giant tortoise with a mountain on its back. For PowerPyx's trouble, the player received 50,000 gil, a trophy, and an adamantite bangle. The gil bonus is nice, given that gil in Final Fantasy 15 is scarce, but it's earned in the post-game portion of Final Fantasy 15 where money isn't as big an issue.

Now that one of the more unbelievable rumors about Final Fantasy 15's gameplay has finally been dispelled, gamers can begin to explore the game's post-game for more hidden secrets. According to a number of the positive reviews for Final Fantasy 15 so far, critics have been overwhelmingly positive about a certain post-game dungeon that grants players access to some of the best environment-building Square Enix has ever done - but, be warned, that dungeon should only take a few hours to complete as well, so those looking for a three-day Final Fantasy 15 achievement marathon will still have to look elsewhere.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube (via Polygon)

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