Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire: Event Details And All Rewards

FF14 Moonfire Faire 2019

August has arrived, which means it is once again time for Final Fantasy 14 players to embrace the summer to head out to the seasonal Moonfire Faire. The festive event marks the beginning of the summer season in Eorzea (a location we'll all soon learn more about in the live-action Final Fantasy 14 series) and players who have put in enough time to reach at least level 30 are welcome to ship out to the Upper Decks at Limsa Lominsa and start partying.

Final Fantasy 14's big summer event runs from August 7 through August 26 this year, which means that many players have already started using some vacation days and taking advantage of the festivities. To join in the fun, take your level 30+ character to the Upper Decks and visit Mayaru Moyaru to pick up the Feels Like Moonfire quest and get started. At this point, only PS4 and PC users can play the game, there is still no version of Final Fantasy 14 available for Xbox One.

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The faire is well underway, and Mayaru Moyaru can hardly contain his excitement. For those who are willing to lend him an ear, he is all too eager to recount the wonders that await at this year's Moonfire Faire.


After picking up the quest, players can start fishing, puzzling, and participating in all of the event festivities to try and earn all of the amazing cosmetic rewards that are available this time around. There are a handful of adorable Moogle masks up for grabs that seem like a must-have for any closet and there is also a very tempting Portable Pool that is perfect for the Moonfire season.

All Moonfire Faire 2019 Cosmetic Rewards

Moonfire Hachimachi

White Painted Moogle Mask

Black Painted Moogle Mask

Painted Namazu Mask

White Moonfire Happi

Red Moonfire Happi

Black Moonfire Happi

Moonfire Tabi

Portable Pool

Wind Chine Stand

Moonfire Faire Advertisement

Those are all of the rewards that are available as of right now. It seems unlikely that FF14 will patch any other bonuses into the event before it closes in a few weeks, but we'l be sure to post an update if there are any changes.

Be sure to check back in the near future more more Final Fantasy 14 strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, enjoy the summer festivities!

Final Fantasy 14: Stormbringers is available now for PC and PS4.

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