Chinese Final Fantasy 14 Players Are Eating An Absurd Amount of KFC

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Like many other Final Fantasy games before it, Final Fantasy 14 lets players ride Chocobos as mounts. Some Chocobos are rarer than others, such as the black Fat Chocobo that players can only get through special promotions. Square Enix has teamed with various partners around the world to give out black Fat Chocobo codes, and in China, its promotional partner is none other than the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant chain.

As part of the promotion, Final Fantasy 14 players can visit KFC and order a specific family meal to get their black Fat Chocobo promo code. The meal includes one Double Chicken Burger, one Vegan Mushroom Burger, 5-piece Chicken Nuggets, two Original Recipe Chicken, 2-piece New Orleans Chicken Wings, one Old Beijing Spicy Duck Roll, two large Pepsis, and two large Peach Oolong Teas. That's not too bad when actually feeding a family, but it's a ton of food for just one person trying to get a black Fat Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 14.

This Final Fantasy 14 KFC promotion was revealed by Reddit user Cozywolf, who wrote a detailed post about it. It was initially believed by Cozywolf and others that those interested had to actually finish all of the food to get their black Fat Chocobo code for Final Fantasy 14, but as it turns out, they just have to dine in at the restaurant instead of getting the food to go.

It seems that some fans participating in the Final Fantasy 14 KFC promotion didn't get that memo, as there were those that forced themselves to eat all of the food. And since there were initially only 300,000 codes promised, there were some people who ended up getting multiple family packages so that they could make sure those they play with could also get the black Fat Chocobo. However, the promotion has changed to now have unlimited codes.

The KFC promotion is far from the only time Square Enix has teamed with others to help promote Final Fantasy 14. In the past, the game has had crossover events with the likes of Monster Hunter World and Nier: Automata, and will likely continue to have collaborations in the future.

Final Fantasy 14 is out now for PC and PS4.

Source: Reddit

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