All Eighteen Final Fantasy XIV Classes in Picture Form

The biggest MMO release of 2010, Final Fantasy XIV, is ridiculously complicated. Featuring eighteen different classes broken into four different disciplines: The Disciples of War, the Disciples of Magic, the Disciples of the Hand, and the Disciples of the Land. Basically, the fighters the gatherers and the crafters are your different subsets.

It might be simpler if you selected just one of the classes and spent the rest of your MMO time allotment dedicated to it and that alone. That isn't the case in Final Fantasy XIV though, because you can switch your weapon at practically any time, switching your class along with it. In this way you can be properly prepared for any situation you might encounter in the world of Eorzea.

So let's start studying up right now! Here screen captures of the eighteen different classes you'll be able to play in Final Fantasy XIV (Just click on a picture to see which class it is):

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Kind of overwhelming, isn't it? Nonetheless, eighteen different classes will be available day one of Final Fantasy XIV's launch. Each of them will be entirely viable in certain situations. Don't plan on cooking your way out of a boss fight, but you may require a very specific set of arrows crafted to do your best.

Final Fantasy XIV is a day one purchase for me, as I enjoyed Final Fantasy XI very much and think this new MMO has a lot to offer. Sure, it's easy to say that when you're not exactly sure what it's offering, but from my firsthand impressions at E3 I can say this one is a safe bet.

The land of Final Fantasy XIV opens to all starting September 30 for your PC.

Source: andriasang

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