'Final Fantasy Versus 13' Job Posting Hints at Xbox 360 Release

Final Fantasy Versus 13 Xbox 360

You know what, Square Enix? I’ve had it with your mind games. First you told me that Final Fantasy XIII, the crazily anticipated entry in the long running franchise we have come to associate with the PlayStation, was going to launch on the Xbox 360. Then you said, "don’t worry fans, because we have two other games in the FFXIII world, one of which is titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and that title will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive." But wait, what’s this? A job posting for a developer who has experience working on either a PS3 or an Xbox 360. Oh, Square Enix, why do you torture me?

While the job posting could be Square Enix looking for a battle designer who is familiar with the next gen style of programming, many of the previous leaks regarding an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy Versus XIII seem to suggest otherwise. Obviously at this stage in the game development game, it is beneficial for a developer and publisher to target all gaming consoles for release. With a market that might favor one console over another, companies can’t always assume that the singular platform they are developing for is the right one.

Final Fantasy XIII, in our opinion, was a missed opportunity. With its 25-hour tutorial and overhauled combat system, many gamers were left disappointed and looking for a different experience. Tons of Final Fantasy fans enjoyed the game but it struggled due to a lot of new ideas and a very streamlined experience.

Many hope Versus XIII to be the game that falls in line with their anticipations. We are still pretty far off from the game’s release, which leaves plenty of time for Square Enix to make an official announcement regarding an Xbox 360 version of the title. Just no more messing with my head, Square Enix.

Do you think that Final Fantasy Versus XIII should stay a PS3 exclusive, or would you rather it be on as many platforms as possible?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII looks likely for a 2012 release date officially on the PS3 and maybe on the Xbox 360.

Source:  Square Enix

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