More information has been released that suggests Square Enix‘s next Final Fantasy adeventure will be a follow-up to Final Fantasy 13-2, not the Final Fantasy 15 we had all been hoping for. A decidedly frustrating cliffhanger and a domain registration from the developer had made it seem like Final Fantasy 13-3 could be a possibility, but the notion that Square would want to continue to drown fans will similar content was a perplexing one.

Nevertheless, over on Square Enix’s official Facebook Page they have teased a Final Fantasy 13-related announcement with a picture and a brief blurb. The image simply features a pack of dark clouds and the phrase “A Storm Gathers,” while the announcement says, “On 1st September, at an event in Tokyo to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FINAL FANTASY, key members of the FINAL FANTASY XIII dev team will present more about the new direction of the ‘Lightning Saga’.”

We had first delivered the news about Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary about a month ago, and hypothesized that Square Enix might reveal another Final Fantasy 13 there. Most fans hoped it would be Versus 13, but a tumultuous development — and even suggestions the game would be rolled into FF 15 — made that even seem unlikely.

There was also the announcement that Final Fantasy 14, the failed MMO follow-up Square had tried to get going, was going to be rebooted as Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn with a full reveal taking place at the same event. Any Final Fantasy fan is going to want to keep their eye glued to the net on September 1st, because clearly Square has more than a few announcements to make.

Final Fantasy 13-3 Tease - Storm Gathers

As far as Final Fantasy 13-3 is concerned, it seems almost inevitable at this point. The DLC releases for Final Fantasy 13-2 have stopped rolling in for quite some time, but those important story threads remain unresolved. If this game is to be the next chapter in the Lightning Saga, we hope it’s the last.

How do you feel about Square Enix all but confirming that Final Fantasy 13-3 is coming? Have they lost touch with their fan base or is a follow-up to this year’s game something that interests you?

There should be a ton of announcements coming out of Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary celebration, which takes place on September 1, 2012.

Source: Square Enix