New 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Trailer Reveals 'Enhanced' Battle System

Final Fantasy 13-2 Enhanced Battle System Trailer

With almost a month left to go, Square Enix is pulling out all the stops to help promote Final Fantasy XIII-2. A new trailer has released that features the newly enhanced battle system from Final Fantasy XIII.

Will this new battle system help change the minds of naysayers?

Fans of the Final Fantasy series will recognize the well-known "Active Time Battle" system in the new trailer - a feature that has been utilized in previous entries. What is new to the battle system in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the Paradigm Shift mechanic. This new system has addressed and fixed problems encountered in FFXIII - and aims on pleasing anyone who was looking for a more dynamic experience in battle.

Paradigm Shift allows any player to change roles mid-battle at will-  allowing a more calculative fight depending on your party. The new battle system also gives players the chance to adjust battle role setups. Cinematic action sequences have also been included to give a more epic tone to the gameplay. When involved in a vigorous fight, this new addition weaves playful interaction and beautiful fight sequences together - yet another staple of the series

Watch the Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer, "Enhanced Battle System" below:


Anyone who was a fan of Final Fantasy X, and then went on to play Final Fantasy X-2, know that a new battle system does not always mean a better experience. The aggravating inclusion of dresspheres to FFX-2 were a nightmare, compared to the smooth flowing gameplay of FFX, but the addition of Paradigm Shift doesn't sound too bad.

Recently, the developer unveiled a handful of new FFXIII-2 screenshots - and, considering there are plenty of pre-order bonuses and pre-release events, the new trailer is unlikely to be the final piece of marketing before the game's release.

How do you feel Final Fantasy XIII-2? Does this new enhanced battle system entice you to look past any of the Final Fantasy XIII flaws?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 31, 2012.


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