'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Time Travel Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Time Travel Trailer

We are less than two weeks away from the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Square Enix is still pushing out promotional videos. In this latest video, players get to check out the new time travel aspect of FFXIII-2 — going 88 miles per hour is not even required!

There has been time travel throughout the Final Fantasy franchise, but in Final Fantasy XIII-2 it is a key ingredient to the adventure. Noel, the newest addition to the roster, may in fact be from another time himself — check out the FFXIII-2 character trailer to find out more! Anyone who wishes to complete the adventure must travel to multiple locations and visit them at different points in time in order to piece together the whereabouts of Lightning.

Within FFXIII-2, players will discover multiple time gates that act as portals for traveling through time. In order to open the portals, players must use Mog the Moogle to locate artifacts, which act as keys to the gates. There are 160 fragments that must be found. The Historia Crux, the crossroads of the time continuum, will help guide Serah and Noel on their journey.

Check out the time travel trailer below to glance at new footage of one of the most important elements in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Today's trailer is just one of the many that have been released in order to help beef up publicity for the initially unwelcomed sequel. Other videos designed to educate players on new components of the game include the Master of Monster's trailer and the Enhanced Battle System trailer. Curious players who still have doubts about FFXIII-2 must check out the fully expansive trailer that acts as a guided tour.

Although FFXIII-2 started off in Japan with sluggish first week sales, the game is one of the top five best selling games of 2011 in Japan — and it released in December! Square Enix suggests that there will be more videos coming before the game's final release, so stay tuned!

With all of the new features and promotional videos, is Final Fantasy XIII-2 a game you're looking forward to buying?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be out on January 31, 2012, for the PS3 and Xbox 360!


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