New 'Final Fantasy 13-2' Plot Details Emerge

Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning

In an interview with this week's Famitsu, Motomu Toriyama, the director of Final Fantasy XIII-2, revealed some details of the overall story in the game as well as giving insights about Lightning, the title's protagonist.

It hasn't been that long since Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced, but the trailer was leaked online not long after. It's refreshing to see that gamers aren't having wait too long in order to find out more details about this sequel and we can expect the official release of the trailer soon. For now, we have more plot details about the game to dig into.

Toriyama stated that when players reached the end of Final Fantasy XIII, there is the lingering question, "Is Lightning truly happy?" Players could argue that Lightning was tragically affected emotionally with the event that happened at the end of the game.

Final Fantasy XIII Episode i, a novella that was apart of Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International release, will serve as a the prequel to XIII-2. That novella shed some light on what the characters were up to after the end of XIII.

Similar to how players focused on Pulse and the fal'Cie Lindzei, the main antagonist from XIII, in XIII-2 players will focus on the goddess, Etro. Etro also makes an an appearance in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but it is currently not known just how much she will be involved with that game.

The new mission that Lightning undertakes will actually have her come into conflict with the mysterious man that appears in the new teaser trailer. Toriyama gave a slight hint that the scene of Lightning kneeling towards a chair will have a very important meaning to XIII-2. In both XIII and Versus XIII, there are scenes shown that feature a protagonist that sits in the chair, so it is possible that there is some kind of deeper connection between the Fabula Nova Crystallis games than previously thought.

When asked whether or not players would be able to use their save data from XIII, Toriyama said that his development team is considering an option for players to gain a bonus from using the data.

Some could argue that XIII (and certainly Final Fantasy XIV Online as well) was met with mixed criticism, but what has been stressed lately by Toriyama is that XIII-2 will be bringing a fresh style to the RPG genre. With the promise of an updated battle system as well as a much-desired update to how the characters travel throughout the world, things are sounding promising for the sequel.

Excited about this second-chance to once again play as Lightning in a game that many gamers are hoping with outdo the original? Feeling too scared from your experience after playing through XIII?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is scheduled for release in Japan this Winter on the PS3 and 360, with a North American released scheduled for "Next Winter."

Source: Siliconera

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