'Mass Effect' Costumes Coming To 'Final Fantasy 13-2'

Mass Effect 3 Costumes in Final Fantasy 13-2

If you're a die-hard Mass Effect fan then odds are you've already completed the third and final installment in the Shepard trilogy, and you're hungry for some new content. While BioWare works on some new DLC and a new ending for Mass Effect 3, those who happen to own Final Fantasy XIII-2 — and are eagerly awaiting more Mass Effect goodness — may be interested in downloading a newly announced pair of Commander Shepard-themed costumes.

As Andriasang reports, the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has confirmed that downloadable Mass Effect costumes are en route to Final Fantasy 13-2 owners, and fairly soon, too. Siliconera claims that the costumes will be arriving on March 27th, and can be worn exclusively by Serah and Noel. Furthermore, some additional DLC will allow gamers to add Ultros and Typhos of Final Fantasy VI fame to their team, but it can only be done via a colosseum battle that becomes available on the same day that the Mass Effect costumes hit.

Those who think that this is an odd crossover are completely right. It's a partnership that seems to have come from out of nowhere, but it's made a little less shocking after learning of a similar crossover between Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Assassin's Creed which saw Ezio Auditore's ensemble from Assassin's Creed Revelations become a costume for Square Enix's game. With the ability to dress up as both Ezio and Shepard in XIII-2, I can't help but wonder what other crossover costume may pop up next.

Right now there haven't been any official announcements about the Shepard outfits releasing in North America, but given the immense popularity of the Mass Effect franchise it's likely that something will be announced soon. In the meantime, we can speculate on how much it'll cost for Final Fantasy XIII-2 players to get their Shepard on.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available now for PS3 and Xbox 360.


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