Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning DLC Release Date

It’s finally time for Final Fantasy 13-2 players to get the DLC they have been hoping for since launch. After ending with what could be considered one of the biggest teases of all time, Final Fantasy 13-2 has been dangling unfinished for almost four months now, and it’s finally time for some closure.

On May 15th, as revealed by PlayStation Taiwan, the highly anticipated Lightning DLC, Requiem of the Goddess, will release and will hopefully tie up all of those loose ends. As well as giving players a Lightning-themed segment of the story, the DLC will also unlock her as a playable character for anyone who is still completing the main game.

Along with Requiem of a Goddess, May 15th will also mark the release of Arena of Eternity, a Snow-centered DLC episode, and a black and white mage outfit pack for both Serah and Noel, the official main characters of FF 13-2. There’s no guarantee from Square Enix, who have been pretty tight lipped about this DLC but extremely open about their crossover costume DLC, that this is the last for Final Fantasy 13-2, but the hope is that it is. Can you imagine if the Lightning DLC releases and it ends with a cliffhanger too?

Though the prices haven’t been officially announced it appears as if the Lightning DLC will retail for around $8.00, the Snow episode for about $6, and the outfits will go for around $4.

After leaving gamers unsatisfied with a lackluster ending it is finally time for Square Enix to conclude what should be the last part of the Final Fantasy 13 saga (not counting Versus 13). Though it would take a real long shot for any developments to be made with Final Fantasy 13-3, that possibility still lingers in the fears of every Square fan out there. We’ll have a clearer picture when the DLC releases next week.

Will you be picking up one or both of the new Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC coming out next week? After having experienced both Final Fantasy 13 and its sequel would you be interested in returning to that world for another game?

Final Fantasy 13-2 ‘Requiem of the Goddess’ and ‘Arena of Eternity, release May 15, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: PlayStation Taiwan (via Gematsu)