'Final Fantasy 13-2' Leaked Trailer

Final Fantasy 13-2

In a surprising turn of events for the typically elusive and production-cycle-heavy Square Enix, we have not only received word that the direct sequel to last year's blockbuster path-following simulator RPG will be out in less than a year in Japan, but now the PlayStation Blog has made it clear that we will be seeing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the US and Europe next winter.

Not much information has been released yet regarding the content of the sequel, as we discussed in the announcement post, but it is safe to assume the engine will remain virtually identical, with some of the greatest overhauls coming in the form of improvements over the prequel.

Along with the winter reveal, Square Enix has officially released the first screenshot from the game, showing our hero Lightning with an enormous sword, in true Final Fantasy style:

Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning

The first glimpse into the continuation of Lightning's story is presented in a leaked trailer for the game. It's not much, but hopefully it will tide fans over until they can see the game in action and let everyone know if Square Enix really is listening to its audience.

Before watching, know that there are MAJOR SPOILERS in the beginning of this trailer, as it basically shows the final cutscene from Final Fantasy XIII. Skip ahead to 0:40 seconds in if you haven't finished the game yet.


While Square Enix is working on countless other games, many Final Fantasy XIII related, this might be the game that I am most excited to see, as a Final Fantasy fan who was severely disappointed by the first foray into the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

Ever since Final Fantasy X, I have been fairly unimpressed with the quality of Square's flagship series, and I think after the widespread backlash to Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix knows they have something to prove with this title. Final Fantasy X-2 was a decision made by dollars and cents. Even though Final Fantasy XIII sold plenty of copies to warrant a sequel, there is a different attitude toward this series after what many consider to be a misstep for a company that is built on interesting stories, heartfelt characters, and triple A quality games.

Does any of this information make you more interested in Final Fantasy XIII-2, or have you already had enough? By the way, where the heck in Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to be released next winter for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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