Expansive In-Depth Trailer Explains New 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Features

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There seems to be no end to the amount of Final Fantasy XIII-2 promotions coming before its release next month. Persistence is the name of the game for Square Enix. The company is apparently trying to feed gamers as much information as possible for the upcoming sequel. No matter the cost, Square Enix will continue to drive home the point that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an entirely different game than its predecessor.

To celebrate Final Fantasy XIII-2's 40/40 perfect score from Famitsu, Square Enix has delivered a very, very in-depth trailer that features every new aspect the game has to offer. We already know about the "enhanced" battle system and cinematic battle sequences as well as the Historia Crux that allows characters to time travel, but there are a few things here in this trailer that Game Rant hasn't talked about yet.

The Mog Clock, improved maps, more side quests, monster training and customization, mini-games, active time battle enhancements, cinematic action sequences with button prompts, Crystarium expansion, and much more is explored in this shiny new trailer. With all these new features, it feels as though Final Fantasy XIII wasn't a complete game and that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is what they were wanting to release all along.

Watch the extremely detailed trailer that takes a look the new features Final Fantasy XIII-2 has to offer:


That was a lot to take in, but from the amount of detail given, there is no doubt that this feels like a completely revamped game. The maps look 10x better than the linear bore-fests that were produced in FFXIII. The quick reflex button prompt actions are taking a page from God of War, but it makes the game look more engaging and fun. Adding the Mog Clock to find monsters looks like a positive addition to the game, as well. Not only does this game take influences from God of War, but the ability to capture and train monsters makes it feel like Pokémon. (Final Pokémon of War Fantasy?)

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Now that all of the new changes are out on the table,  how do you feel this game is shaping up compared to its predecessor? Does this sequel look like it will bring some life back into the Final Fantasy franchise?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases January 31, 2012, for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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