Though Square Enix might have got a few things right with Final Fantasy XIII, there were many more things that they got wrong. Luckily, with Final Fantasy XIII-2, the developer is getting a chance to deliver the JRPG experience gamers were craving in 13, but never ended up finding.

Part of delivering that superior RPG experience in Final Fantasy XIII-2 involves making a game world that is continuously growing. While earlier Square titles like fan-favorite Final Fantasy VII never had the opportunity to reap the benefits of DLC, Final Fantasy XIII-2 does, and will be delivering a lot of it.

In fact, Square Enix has said that they have a plan to release DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 up to two times a month, providing players with new weapons, monsters, and costumes. But the plan isn’t just to allow those who purchase the DLC (if the DLC isn’t free) to simply unlock the new items; some will have to be earned.

Essentially, this new DLC will give players new “quests” that will unlock items that they may or may not have already purchased. It’s a bit confusing, this latter concept, but if it extends the experience of the game then no harm done.

It could be argued that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a retail priced DLC pack for FFXIII, considering it repurposes many of the assets that went unused for the first game, and recycles many of the same characters. But with the promise of a stronger battle system, a non-linear experience, and at least some areas that resemble towns it has us much more excited than its predecessor did.

Unfortunately, as was previously mentioned, there is no planned release schedule, just a presumed one, and there was no announcement made about pricing for this DLC. The game is set to release in late January though; so potential gamers can expect more details around then.

Does a bi-monthly DLC release schedule for Final Fantasy XIII-2 sound like something you would be interested in? Has this particular property been tarnished by the poor reception of its predecessor?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases January 30, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Sokuho (via Andria Sang)