Next 'Final Fantasy 13-2' DLC Offers Sazh Side Story and Costumes

Final Fantasy 13-2 Sazh DLC

Square Enix really is sticking to their commitment to deliver a ton of DLC for Final Fantasy 13-2. After first rolling out the Lightning DLC, which would allow the main protagonist from Final Fantasy 13 proper to join your party (only after defeating her of course), Square Enix has now announced two new sets of DLC, one of which features yet another FF 13 star.

This new DLC, titled Sazh: Heads or Tails?, allows gamers to play through a side story staring none other than Sazh, the dual wielding, chocobo-hiding comic relief of this particular leg of the series. The side story would see Sazh making his way through a parallel story to the main events of Final Fantasy 13-2, only to be "team joinable" after completing the DLC.

As well as unlocking Sazh for your party, the Heads or Tails DLC will also put new cards in the Serendipity casino for those interested. Price-wise this DLC will set players back $4.99 or 400 MS Points.

On the other end of the DLC double feature are some new costumes for Final Fantasy 13-2 main characters Noel and Serah. While Serah's is extremely revealing in that Square Enix style of dress, Noel's almost has a Kingdom Hearts-esque quality to it. Not much to say about the pack besides it's some costumes, and will run $2.99 or 240 MS Points. Both this DLC and the Sazh side story will be available February 28th.

Though it is great to see those main characters from the first Final Fantasy 13 (who would have thought they'd read that sentence?), putting them behind an added DLC price tag feels like a cash grab. Rather than put the characters gamers want to see into the game, Square Enix added an interchangeable third party member clearly with the intent of exploiting it.

Not to mention the fact that these side missions are meant to expand the game's story, which itself has a controversial ending. There were rumblings that Lightning would get her own side story, and based on the way things are looking, that seems even more likely than ever.

If Square Enix continues to put out Final Fantasy 13-2 will you buy it? Aside from Lightning, which other FF 13 character would you like to see featured in their own side story?

Final Fantasy 13-2 is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Kotaku



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