Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age receives a PS4 release date and will bring the PS2 RGP into the current console gen with an HD remaster in July 2017.

As the 30 anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise approaches, RPG fans have plenty of content to celebrate with. Final Fantasy 14 may not be WoW, but the MMO is still wildly popular, the mobile game FF: Brave Exvius recently enticed new players by adding Ariana Grande as a summon, and FF15 is releasing a steady stream of DLC. In addition to all of that, it sounds like fans will only have to wait until summer to dive back into Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age.

Although FF12 wasn’t the most popular game at its launch, the die-hard fans argue that the title suffered from arriving at the very end of the PS2 era. The Zodiac Age is about to get another chance as the PS4 remake prepares to launch. New gameplay footage from the remake released last week and now Square Enix is ready to commit to a release, as well.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age will launch on July 11 in NA and on July 13 in Japan. The PS4 HD remake’s release date was confirmed by Square Enix during the Final Fantasy 30 anniversary event.

The rest of the 30 anniversary event was filled with small pieces of news about the various other Final Fantasy projects. Unfortunately, there was still no confirmation of the rumored Final Fantasy Collection package that supposedly contains PS4 playable versions of every numbered title in the series. Much to the disappointment of completionists, this rumor is starting to seem like it may have not been true.

Final Fantasy 15 did receive a few interesting updates, including details about a super hero costume pack DLC and release windows for the Gladio and Prompto DLC packs. The Final Fantasy 7 remake team showed off a bit of art, but no new gameplay or release dates.

Fans of the franchise know that Final Fantasy titles have a tendency to miss their planned release dates, just look at Final Fantasy 15’s long history, but hopefully that won’t be the case for The Zodiac Age. The HD remaster seems to be playable from what the gameplay footage suggests, so hopefully meeting the July release date doesn’t cause any problems.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age releases on July 11 for the PS4.