Rumor Patrol: Final Fantasy 12 Remaster in the Works?

Rumor Patrol: Final Fantasy 12 Remaster in the Works? - Final Fantasy 12 logo

Way back in 2006, Square Enix released Final Fantasy 12, introducing a unique battle system for the series and featuring a politically-fueled story that resonated with many. While perhaps not as well-loved as fellow PS2 classic Final Fantasy 10Final Fantasy 12 still sold extremely well and was met with critical acclaim.

Square Enix tends to re-release every game they've ever made multiple times across multiple platforms, yet nothing new on the Final Fantasy 12 front has come since its release on the PS2 nearly a decade ago. Luckily for fans of the game that want to play it a modern system, it looks like a remastered version of Final Fantasy 12 may be materializing behind closed doors in Japan.

According to multiple users on Twitter attending the Distant Worlds symphony event in honor of Final Fantasy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, composers Arnie Roth and Hitoshi Sakamoto (one of the original composers of Final Fantasy 12) confirmed to the crowd the existence of a Final Fantasy 12 "remake".

Now, it is far more likely that Roth and Sakamoto meant "remaster", as Final Fantasy 12 still holds up very well to this day in the graphics department. It will likely have a lot more in common with the Final Fantasy 10 remaster or the HD version of Final Fantasy 7 than, say, the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which is said to be making dramatic changes to the game.

Of course, until Square Enix makes an official announcement on the matter, the Final Fantasy 12 remaster should simply be considered a rumor. That being said, it's still fun to speculate as to what the Final Fantasy 12 remaster will entail.

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For example, will it only include Final Fantasy 12, or will it also include Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings? For the uninitiated, Revenant Wings was a Nintendo DS spinoff of Final Fantasy 12 set within the same Ivalice universe, a fictional universe that includes many other Square Enix titles, not all of which are Final Fantasy games. It's not entirely out of the question that Square Enix might bundle Revenant Wings with an HD version of Final Fantasy 12, especially considering the HD remaster of Final Fantasy 10 included Final Fantasy 10-2 as well in order to have a complete story.

In any case, we do know that Square Enix and Final Fantasy 15 will be at Gamescom. While Square Enix won't be utilizing a traditional press conference, it's still possible that the Final Fantasy 12 remaster could be officially announced during one of the many Final Fantasy 15 events they are hosting during Gamescom week.

It may seem strange that Square Enix would announce yet another Final Fantasy release with Final Fantasy 15Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and a handful of spinoffs already on the way, but in reality, the wait for the new Final Fantasy 7 is going to take years. A remastered version of Final Fantasy 12 would be a good way to fill that gap in the meantime.

Final Fantasy 12 originally released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2. If this remastered version of the game turns out to be legitimate, it could potentially come to more than just PlayStation platforms.

Source: NeoGAF

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