Square Enix will be beefing up the graphics and soundtrack of Final Fantasy 12 in its newest high definition remaster project set for release in 2017.

This morning, Square Enix announced it will be bringing another Final Fantasy to the PlayStaton 4 with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, an HD remastering of the original PlayStation game. Though rumors have been circulating that this project was in the works, nothing had been confirmed until now. The teaser trailer shows off some of the improved graphics with a few of the game’s cinematic cutscenes and some intense in-game battles.

Like other Square Enix remastersFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will feature updated graphics, which includes character models, backgrounds, and cutscenes, and an updated score. The music for these remasters are typically sharper and richer; they are even occasionally recorded with a full orchestra, but there is no evidence of that being the case with this title so far. Square Enix, however, has mentioned support for 7.1 surround sound. Additionally, players will also be able to choose between the original score or the updated one, as well as the option of Japanese or English voice actors.

Other features include: faster load times, an auto-save feature, and a new and improved turbo mode. Turbo mode allowed players to speed up the game while exploring the world and engaging in battle, while keeping the music and cutscenes at normal speed.

Final Fantasy 12 the zodiac age teaser

Final Fantasy 12 was released a decade ago, all the way back in 2006, and did not quite reach the heights of popularity other titles in the Final Fantasy franchise achieved; despite the fact it sold relatively well. The game implemented more realistic looking characters, a darker, more militaristic storyline, and a lot of fresh game mechanics.

The tone and story may not have captured the hearts of all fans — it rarely makes a list of favorite Final Fantasy games — but the combat system was one of Final Fantasy 12‘s crowning achievements. It was fun and it was extremely original for a series that stuck to its basic, turn-based roots for so long. Which is why it comes as no surprise that combat is so prominently highlighted throughout the teaser trailer.

Currently, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has only been announced for PS4, but that does not seem likely to change since all previous remasters released by Square Enix have remained on PlayStation consoles. Those who are not hardcore Final Fantasy fans should check out this title when it is released. It may not have the prestige of other titles in the series, but it is still a fantastic game worthy of a high definition remastering. It might surprise those who skipped it the first go around.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will release for PS4 in 2017 in Japan and North America.

Source: Gamespot and Kotaku