Final Fantasy 10: The 10 Weirdest Bosses, Ranked

The Final Fantasy series as a whole is known for having some strange and bizarre characters and Final Fantasy X is no exception. Strangest among the characters are the bosses, these creatures and entities from all over the world and dimensions beyond are often bizarre entities with even stranger powers.

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Some of these are optional bosses you may never encounter while others are critical to progressing. Whether it’s the insect-like Magus Sisters, Lovecraftian nightmares from the depths of Sin, or everyday machinery, here are the weirdest and most unusual bosses you may encounter in Final Fantasy X.

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10 Anima

Players will encounter this strange being when they first fight Seymour Guado. The master summoner will bring forth Anima to confront the player. It appears to be some type of bird-like creature with its arms crossed and wings wrapped around its body.

The entity is tightly bound in chains and has a holy totem fastened to its neck. Its unclear why the chains and the holy totem are used to bind this creature though the fact that it remains a potent and powerful enemy with them suggests unimaginable power if it ever broke free.

9 Crane

In the battle against the mechanical monstrosity Oblitzerator on the docks the player will also have to contend with its powerful minions, Cranes. That’s right, the sidekicks you have to deal with in this battle are common everyday cranes you’d find at most large scale construction sites.

Interestingly these cranes are potentially very dangerous if the player ever kills them in combat. The reason being is the game does not have a death animation for them and their death will often cause the game to crash.

8 Tros

This Cephalopod fiend is a sight to behold. Resembling a large octopus with sharp fangs and a large shell covering it’s head this creature isn’t tough to fight, but certainly bizarre looking. It’s encountered near the Baaj temple where Tidus and the main character try to recover an airship.

Interestingly this is one of the few bosses in the game that can be captured, though the player is unable to ever see or use it after capture suggesting this was an oversight. Also it appears to be vulnerable to poison, but once afflicted with poison it will not take any damage.

7 Chocobo Eater

This large creature is an ugly brute with short stubby legs, long-clawed arms, and a gaping mouth. The fiend is seen attempting to eat Chocobos and has been causing problems for the locals.

In battle, the creature is even stranger. While upright it has high defense and deals powerful blows with its long arms, but once knocked on its back it loses both of those abilities and becomes vulnerable. In fact, the easiest way to beat this creature is to topple it, then strike it off the cliff where it falls to its death.

6 Sinspawn Genais

Offspring of the main antagonist of the game, the Sinspawn Genais looks nothing like its parent. This monster sort of resembles an Elder Thing from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. It stands like a plant with arms ending in long tentacles, it’s head is a bulbous mass with occasional teeth and two fin-like objects jut out of it’s back.

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It resides inside of it’s parents body and will fight the player to defend the core. Interestingly it is a replica of Sinspawn Geneaux albeit with different coloring, suggesting it can live outside Sin’s body if need be.

5 Sandy

The first of the Magus Sisters, Sandy’s uniform is actually quite impressive, but still bizarre. She’s dressed in a full body mantis costume complete with large bug eyes and antenna on her helmet. The costume is largely red with green accents and green wings with red flare.

She also appears in a dark form is the same outfit, but with a gray and purple coloring with bright red eyes. It’s unclear why her and her sisters are lurking at Remiem Temple but they can be obtained as summons in the final battle.

4 Mindy

Found alongside her sisters Mindy is the smallest of the Magus Sisters, but is easily the most dangerous. She appears to be a young girl wearing a wasp outfit with wings, stinger, and mandibles dangling by her face. Her dark form replaces these brighter colors with black, gray, and red eyes.

The reason she’s the most dangerous is that she possess powerful magic and can cast devastating Flare and Ultima spells. It’s highly advised players take her down quickly. Again no explanation is given why she’s in Remiem Temple or wearing the bug outfit.

3 Cindy

Cindy has to be the strangest looking of the Magus Sisters, though to be fair it is a close contest. She is easily the largest and conversely the weakest of the three sisters. She fights wearing a suit of thick armor meant to resemble a beetle with a large shell on her back and two antennae sprouting from her helmet. Her dark form is drastically different in appearance with gray, black, and a large red orb on her belly.

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The reason she’s the weakest and often reserved for last is that her sister Mindy has powerful spells, Sandy is a strong physical fighter, but Cindy’s main feature is her deep health pool.

2 Lord Ochu

This bizarre-looking creature can be found in Kilika Woods. It looks like some sentient plant with three root-like feet, green leaves for a torso, four sprawling branch-like arms, and a mouth that blossoms open revealing numerous fangs.

It’s an optional boss found sleeping on the side of the road. Interestingly if the player leaves it alone they can encounter it later and bribe it for cheap Remedies. It’s not often that a boss can prove to be a powerful merchant later in the game, though it’s understandable it would be hostile if someone woke it up early from its nap.

1 Mortiorchis

This is part of the boss battle with Seymour Flux. It’s part of the third battle after the player strives to reach the top of Mt. Gagazet. Seymour Flux will summon Mortiorchis and then sit upon him during the battle.

It’s unclear what Mortiorchis is exactly which makes it the weirdest boss on this list. It seems to be a cluster of rings with inscribed runes, fins, two arms, and a pterodactyl-like head. There’s no telling where it came from and when combined with Seymour Flux makes for the toughest optional boss in the entire game.

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