'Final Fantasy I & II' to be Released On PSN in the UK

Final Fantasy I and II on UK PSN

The Final Fantasy series has seen many iterations across all of the major consoles and Square Enix is continuing this trend with the release of Final Fantasy I and II on PSN in the UK and Europe. Gamers new to Final Fantasy can now experience the original titles released back in 1987.

This will be a staggered release, with Final Fantasy being released on February 16th and Final Fantasy II launching two weeks later on March 2nd, both priced at £7.99. As stated before, these two titles have been released across most of the major consoles and it looks like Square Enix is attempting to squeeze a few more dollars out of these ports.

This is not to say that these games aren't good. Final Fantasy set the standard for future JRPGs and continues to bring a quality gaming experience with every title. Our gaming friends across the pond will benefit from picking these titles up, if they haven't done so already.

UK gamers can also get these games for half-off when they purchase two other upcoming releases from Square. People who buy Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy will get a voucher that allows them to take 50% off the purchase of Final Fantasy I. Buy 3rd Birthday – the third game in the Parasite Eve franchise – and gamers will get the same deal on Final Fantasy II.

There's no word on if these ports will offer any major graphical upgrades, though each game will come with some additonal features.

Final Fantasy will offer an extra dungeon called the 'Labyrinth of Time' and will also come with an art gallery featuring work from Yoshitaka Amano, who has been the lead artist behind many of the Final Fantasy titles. Final Fantasy II will also come with this art gallery and two additional dungeons, the 'Arcane Labyrinth and 'Arcane Sanctuary'.

There's no official news from Square Enix if PSN users in the U.S. will also get ports of these titles. However, given the fact that they've released both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on all platforms – including the iPhone – we believe it's only a matter of time before it hits American shores.

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