Final Fantasy 15 DLC Could Add Luna As Playable Character

In an interview with French website JeuxVideo, Final Fantasy 15 DLC Producer says the studio will consider adding heroines like Luna as playable characters.

Whatever Final Fantasy 15 is really about is a mystery. The game will clearly have plenty of serious moments — if the recent Omen trailer is any indication — but it has been heavily advertised simply as story about four dudes on a road trip trying to save the world. Maybe that's not all its about, but it doesn't help that the game opens on scantily clad mechanic Cindy telling the boys her father does all the actual work. She just needs to be there to tell them that while wearing short shorts, apparently.

So where are the heroines in Final Fantasy 15? The only one that has been prominently featured is Luna. She works as the co-protagonist, next to Noctis who is the main, (only) controllable character in the game. Luna has been shown to be a fairly strong, confidence female character; she's seen facing off against Leviathan solo, which says a lot to said strength. Regardless of her important role in the story, she isn't a playable character. In fact, there are no female playable characters, which is a first for Final Fantasy. However, that could change.

French website JeuxVideo sat down with DLC Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari, who is in charge of all Final Fantasy 15 DLC, to discuss future content. Among the many DLC related questions, the interviewer asks about the possibility of playing the role of a heroine like Luna. Sawatari succinctly stated, "There is clearly a demand for this, and we will consider it."

There are copious amounts of downloadable content already heading to Final Fantasy 15, many of which make the other members of Noctis' party playable. We've also learned that the game will gain an Online Multiplayer feature as a part of its season pass. With plans to release DLC beyond those listed, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Luna could become a playable character.

It would be great to see a portion of the story from Luna's perspective, anyway. Combat would be a no-brainer as she's been seen brandishing a trident in a good chunk of her promotional material. She and Noctis share some kind of mysterious bond, as well as an ambiguously grim fate, so to be able to control both characters and have both their perspectives feels appropriate.

For now, those hoping for female playable characters will have to bank on Square Enix responding to a demand they clearly know is present. Luna would be an excellent start, but it might also be nice to play as Cindy if for nothing else than a bit of redemption. Granted, we don't know her full role in the story quite yet.

Perhaps she's more than what's being shown so openly on the surface, but it's not likely. Giving her her own adventure could give the character some layers beyond the role of sexy mechanic. Maybe Cindy and Luna could team up, Final Fantasy X-2 style. The game's story spans a decade, so there are plenty of opportunities to dive into their stories. Here's hoping for some future content featuring the women of Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: JeuxVideo (via Siliconera)

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