When the Android-based platform OUYA was first announced via Kickstarter, not many gamers knew what to make of it. We’ve seen this type of thing before — an alternative to today’s overpriced consoles — but usually those fail to make a splash. OUYA, however, is slowly trying to make a name for itself and has today announced a partnership that is sure to turn some heads.

That collaboration in question involves Final Fantasy developer Square Enix, who have announced plans to bring Final Fantasy III to OUYA at launch. As expected, the title would receive a much-needed HD upgrade (last time we saw it was on the Nintendo DS in 2006), and would hopefully support some of OUYA’s more exciting features.

While it’s not exactly the Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy X HD remakes that most fans are clamoring for, a chance to re-experience Final Fantasy III on a brand new console does have its draws. As of right now the only for-sure exclusive we know about in regards to OUYA is Robotoki’s Human Element prequel, which will help fill in the back-story of the game’s zombie-infected landscape. We don’t when the episodic content will start rolling out from Robotoki, but the full retail release is some time in 2015.

Final Fantasy III, on the other hand, has been confirmed for OUYA’s March 2013 launch, and will not only be fully optimized for OUYA but will also feature a free demo. The game itself might not be counted as high in the catalogue of Square Enix’s other FF titles, but the exciting part of this partnership is that there are plans for more collaboration. Maybe the Final Fantasy VII PC release that is said to be coming pretty soon will also end up on OUYA.

Or even better — maybe some of Squaresoft’s long forgotten classics like Vagrant Story will get their chance to shine on OUYA. That would be a reason to get excited for the new platform.

Does the prospect of playing an HD version of Final Fantasy III make you excited or OUYA? What other Square Enix titles do you hope make their way to the new platform?