'Fight Night Champion' Introduces Online Gyms to the Masses

Fight Night Champions Online Gyms

Whatever the ultimate verdict is on Fight Night Champion, no one will be able to criticize the game for a lack of features. EA Sports is bringing back the popular Legacy Mode, has introduced a brand-new dramatic story mode, and now allows gamers to use either the analogue sticks or button controls to dish out brutal damage on their opponents. Continuing the long rollout of these impressive features, EA Sports has released a new trailer introducing the all new "Online Gyms" mode.

In this newest video, Producer Mike Mahar explains how players can create an online gym where they can design the ultimate proving grounds for themselves and their friends. There, each player will need to completely customize their own boxer and then fight it out over the course of a season. At the conclusion of the season, all of the top-achieving boxers will be entered into a single-elimination tournament to determine who the king of the ring is. If you get tired of fighting your friends and want to bloody up some strangers, then the roster of the gym can go head-to-head with other online gyms in Rival Matches. Winning these events or regular online bouts will earn XP so you can increase your fighter's attributes.


EA Sports addition of XP to the online mode is a brilliant stroke. Is there any larger motivating factor in video gaming, than getting that last XP, so you can level up? In addition, the creation tools for designing your boxer appear very detailed, allowing not just the customization of the boxer's appearance, but also the clothing, equipment, and fighting style as well. No word yet as to whether you can design your own boxing promoter who will later defraud your virtual creation once he hits the big time.

Plan on opening your own online gym? Or are you the type who'd rather train in private?

Fight Night Champion goes online on March 1, 2011, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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